Hey Changers!

sorry for being last minute with this - we hope there’s still some space left in your calendar. Here are our November highlights:

  • We start with the monthly Live Your Legend Meetup on the 6th. Come by if you’re looking to identify, find or create the job of your dreams. It’s free and everyone’s welcome!
  • One week after starts my personal highlight: 'Money for change - embrace your financial power’ is a 10-session-workshop for all of you who are struggling with making the money flow. This is gonna be a huge change accelerator, and we’ll gonna learn a lot from Changer Beate (who is a certified money coach :), so i can’t wait to start - on the 13.11. at 19:30.
  • And then there are two more wonderful courses starting on the 15th/16th: Mindful Motherhood and Baby massage give you all the tools to enable your little one the best possible start into this crazy world. Changer Ylenia believes in the importance of the nurturing touch and how this can be the base for loving future generations - share this with (soon-to-be)moms in your network to make this world a better place!
  • For this month’s concert on the 16th we are happy to announce that Thomas Kudela will be back sharing his beautiful piano music with us. At 'Sternlumen: Autumn Session’ we will offer the full program from serving red wine to lighting our open fire place so you can enjoy a perfect autumn evening with highly enjoyable neo-classical music and people.
  • Last month's workshop on alternative education models was rescheduled to the 19th of November, so this is your chance to join. We are looking for more people willing to get involved in planning the school of the future - if you have children you should seriously consider getting on board.
  • And if your rationale demands more input: for the next Talk for Transformation on the 22nd Changer Jonathan invited two professors from Copenhagen University to share insights about 'Science and sustainability: what researchers do!’.
  • Last but not least, Novembers’ documentary is the movie ‘Angry Inuk’, that takes a close look at the central role of seal hunting in the lives of the Inuit. If you remember those horror pictures from dead seal puppies and want to get them out of your head, you should definitely join.

On top of this, as usual, you are warmly invited to join us for Changing the Rules of Society, the bicycle repair and maintenance workshop and most important our monthly REthink potluck which is your chance to meet the community of think.dk, to connect, share and exchange inspiration.

Insistently hopeful,