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We are the Center for Acceleration of Sustainable Change. We are both a think tank and a human-interest organization. We host services, workshops and events that spread awareness and support a sustainable future.

We are the intersection point for changers of all kind. We make room for new ideas and empower people to act. Nothing's going to change, if we just sit and wait.

It is time to take the next step. Join us now.

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  • Summer Break

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    Summer is here, and by experience that means that many of you are busy making vacations!

    Our to do list grew and grew during the past months, so we decided to take a break and not host regular events for a few weeks - our summer break goes from mid of June until mid of August.

    Big thinks are happening backstage, and we can't wait to share it with you :) We are looking forward to restart fresh and with loads of new features, so stay tuned!

  • Newsletter #9 - June

      • think.dk

    Hey Changers!

    Summer has arrived and we hope there will be enough of it so you can come by for one event or another anyways - the schedule for June is online now, and you can check out some highlights further down.

    But first, we would like to update you on our summer schedule! Out of experience we know that many people are travelling in summer and it’s hard to motivate people to join indoor events. Also, we are a bit behind with a list of internal tasks, and that’s why at the last REthink meeting we decided to pause some of our regular events from the 19th of June until the 14th of August. But this doesn’t mean that we’re closed!

    Members can (and will!) still host events, and we are open every Tuesday from 10:00 to 16:00 for everyone to come by - no matter if you want to say hi, work on your own project, help with any of ours or are just curious. Check our homepage for any updates of the schedule!

    But until then, we would be super happy to see you at one of the upcoming events:

    • Next Wednesday, we will finally screen ‘Tomorrow’ It’s my favourite documentary of 2016 because it focuses not on today’s problems but on how we can solve them and it will leave you highly optimistic about our future!
    • On the 8th of June we invite all of you to join our REthink and community dinner - join us if you want to create the change you want to see in this world!
    • Sunday the 11th we are so proud to present a very special concert: the KAYAN PROJECT connects a brilliant voice, a world famous bass and the traditional Oud - Eden, Wasim and Kenneth will play Arabic, Hebrew and English folk and original songs and it’s gonna be WOW!
    • On the 14th we again dedicate an evening to our holistic framework on changing the rules of society. We are practically planning the big revolution, and we need your help!
    • And on the 17th our herbal fairy Beatrice will share her knowledge on the ancient art of essential oils. Be prepared for some mind-blowing facts and an intense stimulation of all senses :)
    • Last but not least, there is another concert in June: on the 29th Sternlumen will share his beautiful piano music with us and it’s magic - think of Nils Frahm or Martin Kohlstedt inspiring his style, so you really don’t want to miss this.

    Thank you for being a part of this awesome community that is emerging at think.dk, you give us the strength to keep going!

    Insistently hopeful,


  • Social Media Manager - internship at think.dk!

      • think.dk

    Looking for ways you can save the world? Do you love Social Media and working with meaningful communities? Come help us!

    We are a young Non-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating sustainable change in this world. In our first 7 months we hosted more than 100 events with >1.000 people all with the same vision. It’s been super exciting and we’re ready for the next level - help us grow by managing all our social media channels and be part of the change you want to see in the world!

    Please note: good work should be rewarded accordingly, and we would love to offer a well paid job here but unfortunately our economic situation does not allow us to pay any salary - at least not for now. We do not exclude the possibility of changing the internship to an actual job at a later point if our economic situation changes.

    The position is expected to require 15 hours a week.


    1. Create and curate content on our Social Media platforms
    2. Help to identify and develop relevant content topics and new social media platforms.
    3. Help develop the Social Media ‘voice’ for think.dk (how we interact with people online)

    Key Tasks

    • Keep our events updated across Facebook/MeetUp/Evensi and potentially other platforms
    • Post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
    • Reply to Social Media commenters and messages
    • Relay any issues/insights back to the rest of us at think.dk (once a week)

    Authority: After a short period of training you can (and mostly you'll have to) decide what to do and when all by yourself!


    • You will work in an office at think.dk in Østerbro, next door to the founders Martin and Anja
    • Your working hours will be flexible within 10:00 and 18:00.
    • You can work on a think.dk laptop which is a bit older (i.e. slower), but can also bring your own laptop
    • You will have access to a kitchen, free tea & coffee
    • You can join think.dk events for free

    Skills Required

    • Excellent writing and verbal communication in English, Danish would be a plus
    • Self Management - you’re able to set tasks for yourself and achieve them when you say.
    • Experience with facebook pages, the MeetUp platform, twitter and Instagram
    • Experience in image processing and/or graphic design is an advantage.

    You’ll be successful if you Increase engagement on our Social Channels and grow our followers by >50% in 6 months, support think.dk to develop an online personality and feel like being part of making this world a better place :)

  • Premium thanks

      • think.dk

    An enormous thanks to Uwe Lübbermann for giving a very unique and inspiring presentation on the Premium-Cola organisation and subsequent workshop on Consensus Democracy. It's so positive to have our perspective challenged by the idealistic principles – especially given that they have been validated by real life.

    We can't wait to share the ideas with more people and very much look forward welcoming Uwe back again.

  • Invest in change

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    Sorry to disturb your bliss, but the future needs you. Now. Please consider investing or donating to think.dk.

  • Become a part of think.dk

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    Ready to replace some old habits? We are building a holistic service center, an incubator of sustainable habits for people in an urban environment.

    We offer the basic services, the space and the opportunity for members of the community to create their own events and share them with the world.

    We believe that this is the only membership you'll need!