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think.dk is the Center for Acceleration of Change.

We are a co-creative community, think tank and event platform that supports the development of a sustainable society. An intersection point for Changers of all kind, making room for new ideas. We support people to share knowledge and built the future of their dreams.

We don't mind not fitting in. We are what we have to be to support the change this world needs to see. Nothing's going to change if we just sit and wait.

It is time to take the next step. Join us now.

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  • It's Easter, and it's all about love!

      • think.dk

    Tomorrow we start a very short Easter-break to catch a breath and kick off spring with full energy.

    I was looking for some beautiful Easter input to send you all some love for the week to come, and i found this wonderful article - it's about the beginnings of Christianity, and even though i'm not christian, i agree with it's message:

    It is possible for every man and woman to heighten their individuality, to transform their personality and acquire a wonderful inner life, which would benefit everyone around them.

    With think.dk, our ambition is to support this transformation - of the individual and through that of the communities around us. We are deeply grateful for each soul joining this adventure and each helping hand supporting us on our way.

    We wish you all beautiful holidays, and look forward to having you around again soon - check out our April schedule to see what's gonna happen next month at the Center <3

    Much love,


  • This is how we take back control: from the bottom up!

      • think.dk

    We just found a beautiful comment posted on the guardian last year, and it speaks from our hearts! It is written by George Monbiot, a political activist from UK, and the core of goes perfectly along with our own vision:

    Let's generate communities that are vibrant and attractive to live in, which generate employment, are environmentally sustainable and socially cohesive, and in which large numbers of people are involved in decision-making!

    Read it here and share it with your friends to raise some awareness about our cause and how everyone can contribute. The key is to make people believe that this kind of future is actually possible!

  • Our new membership model is online!

      • think.dk

    We made it! After a long process of reviewing our concept, the old model and feedback from the community we finally agreed on a new structure for our memberships - go and check it out!

    We hope that it is much more clear now which benefits are included in the paid options and that all of you consider supporting us actively - we are still 100% self-financed by now and every new sign up means the world to us.

    Growing the community at think.dk is a core mission of the whole project - we want to connect like-minded people because in our view collaboration and mutual inspiration are key to accelerating the change we want to see in this world. 

    If you have any questions or feedback to share please do not hesitate to get in touch - every comment is highly appreciated!

    Insistently hopeful,

    Anja & Martin

  • Summer Break

      • think.dk

    Summer is here, and by experience that means that many of you are busy making vacations!

    Our to do list grew and grew during the past months, so we decided to take a break and not host regular events for a few weeks - our summer break goes from mid of June until mid of August.

    Big thinks are happening backstage, and we can't wait to share it with you :) We are looking forward to restart fresh and with loads of new features, so stay tuned!

  • Invest in change

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    Sorry to disturb your bliss, but the future needs you. Now. Please consider investing or donating to think.dk.

  • Become a part of think.dk

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    Ready to replace some old habits? We are building a holistic service center, an incubator of sustainable habits for people in an urban environment.

    We offer the basic services, the space and the opportunity for members of the community to create their own events and share them with the world.

    We believe that this is the only membership you'll need!