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    • is a Center for Acceleration of Meaningful Change.

We are a non-profit project and event space and a co-creative community for people who want to support the acceleration of change towards a sustainable way of living. By applying a holistic approach to sustainability and developing and promoting alternative solutions, we raise awareness, unfold human potential and strengthen human connection. 

Our co-creative community is an intersection point for Changers and Explorers of all kind and empowers people to act, using our joint forces.

No matter who you are or where you are from. The time is always now.

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  • Verdensborger


    Alternativt konfirmations/Nonfirmations koncept til unge i alderen 13-15 år, men fokus på holistisk bæredygtighed og forståelse af verden. Starter 24. oktober 2020, med 20 lektioner frem mod overgangsritualet og ceremonien den 8. maj 2021.

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