Baby Massage has many benefits, such as enhancing bonding, promoting better circulation, improving digestion, giving emotional security, improving muscular development and coordination. It can help encourage better sleep patterns and with problems such as colic, colds, teething, and constipation.

Many cultures start the practice of massage from birth, to strengthen the bond with their children, calm and help them sleep, relieve wind and colic and generally assist with healthy development. In India, for example, it is a traditional custom to give the baby a daily massage with oil, followed by yoga and finally a warm bath.

This is the first class in a 5-weeks-course. For registration please scroll down.

About the course

The course will cover:

  • How to do massage strokes for the legs, feet, tummy, chest, arms, hands, back and face
  • A massage techniques that can help your baby if she / he has problems with gas or suffers from colic.
  • Gentle movements
  • What oils to use
  • When to massage
  • Massage positions
  • Relaxation
  • Suggestions on how you can adapt the massage as your child grows

The massage routine in this course is a blend of Indian-style massage, Swedish massage, and reflexology movements. 

This (and any future) baby massage course consists of five classes á 60 minutes. For this course, classes are held on each Thursday from the 16.11. until the 14.12. Each week you will learn one body part and review the strokes you've learned the week before. You will get handouts of the strokes for you to keep so you can practice the strokes at home.

We also make sure that there is time set aside each week for discussions. The main topics covered are crying, colic, sleep, but it's also a forum for you to raise any parenting issues you may have.

About the host

The course will be guided by Ylenia, who has many years of experience in the SPA sector as a massage therapist and Reiki Master, in luxury wellness center and SPAs in Italy, Spain and Denmark. She is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). She believes in the importance of the nurturing touch and how this can be the base for loving future generations.

Details & registration

The classes are appropriate for babies from 0 to 12 months. There will be space for 5 to 8 babies in order to keep each class personal and informal.

Please bring a thick towel or blanket.

For registration and payment, please send your payment via mobile pay to 71 49 72 54. Make sure to add a note stating your name and email adress!

Price: 950,- DKK | 760,- DKK for members.

For further information please write to