Dear Changer,

exciting times! We hope the arrival of the dark season has not hit you too hard - or maybe you're even getting excited about the lighting of candles, burning fire places and the smell of cookies? 

In any case, we have some enlightening news to share with you - three important dates and a new collaboration. Enjoy the read!

Collaboration with LUSH Butik

All of us know how difficult in can be to find sustainable alternatives when we need something new. LUSH butik is there to help! It's a shop for a sustainable lifestyle and green gifts, with a beautiful location in Nordre Frihanvsgade as well as a great online store.

We picked a few of their innovative products for a small showcase section in our community living room - you can check them out and also directly buy them at the Center. The idea is to inspire people with showing sustainable alternatives to mainstream suff that they might not know of yet. So make sure to check out the showcase corner with your next visit :)

On top of this, from now on, all of our members get a 10% discount on every purchase at the amazing store of LUSH butik - online and in their physical store! Not that we aim to support consumption, but there might be situations where we simply need something new - and then this is the place to go!

They have an amazing selection of sustainable products, from kitchen- and bathroom equipment to clothes, snacks and kids toys and much more, so go ahead and have a look!

If you shop there, just tell them your membership number (you can sign up here anytime :) for the discount. And for the online store we will send out the discount code to our members in the next co-creator newsletter.

Thanks a lot for reading!

I very much hope to see you around again soon, and wish you a beautiful week :)

Insistently hopeful,