is a Center for Acceleration of Change. You're wondering what the heck that means?

Today, there exist numerous initiatives for a more sustainable lifestyle, but they stay hidden in niches because they lack a lobby - and people are stuck in their old habits.

This is why we host a platform for new ideas and offer events and services which further sustainability, sharing, and collaboration. 

We are a co-creative community and a think tank that supports the development of a sustainable society. An intersection point for Changers of all kind. We make room for new ideas and empower people to act.

We reconnect the dots. Question the box and restore the circle, in order to find real solutions to the problems that (will) affect us all. We experiment. Encourage discussions on new paradigms, explore new work and collaboration patterns and empower people to live more sustainably.

We want to offer serious and sustainable solutions to the problems that affect everyone every day. And we want to make a difference. We are extremely happy to say that the same goes for all of our members. What about you?

It's not about what we could do in the past, but what we can do today. We think that this is how tomorrow is made.

At, we:

  • Develop and share alternatives to habitual standards
  • Offer a workspace for sustainable projects
  • Debate practical/rational solutions to common life problems
  • Serve as a community for like minded people
  • Apply open source ideology
  • Facilitate new forms of collaboration
  • Question the established consumption habits on all scales
  • Connect and combine like-minded people and sustainable initiatives
  • Learn something new every day

It is time to take the next step. Join us now!