Hey Changers!

We hope you had the most amazing summer and grew a solid (and healthy!) tan during the past weeks. Not that it's over yet - but our Summer Break has officially ended, so at least from now on you can expect us to make some noise on a more regular basis again. Here's what's up at think.dk:

Autumn Season '19

The new event season officially started yesterday, and we have no words to express our pride on the amazing event coordination group that has formed during the summer. They're totally pulling things off and our schedule is already full of inspiring meetups, workshops and other events. Check it out if you didn't get to it yet!

Call for Volunteers

Since the new season doesn't exactly come with a smaller workload, we are still looking for volunteers! There's a bunch of exciting positions available, so if your schedule still allows some investment to create more positive impact, you'd like to work together with a diverse team of highly motivated change-makers, and/or want to learn how think.dk works from the inside then don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Tours and Workshops for Students and groups

Do you want to share the think.dk mission with a larger group of people? Maybe you're a teacher, work at the university or have an international network to be inspired?

Then maybe you should bring them for a tour to visit think.dk, learn about our mission, vision and values and get some deep insights into our day to day work! We are offering short tours for groups of up to 45 people, as well as whole day-workshops that disrupt mindsets and encourage people to think outside the box.

We love to share our cause with curious souls, so if you know any don't hesitate to forward this email. We're super grateful for anyone spreading the word <3

Rent our Space

Since we have some free slots left in this season's schedule, our space is available for renting. If you are planning a private event before December - or maybe your organization is looking for a unique and super cozy space!? - you can find more info on our website.

New co-working option

The trial period for our new coworking membership is over, and we have our first big learning: changers don't enjoy to work fulltime :P 

For that reason, we decided to offer a part time co-working membership from now on: for 800,- DKK you get access to our space three days a week between Monday and Friday, from 9am to 5pm. Interested? Apply now!

Phew. Enough of the sales!

Someone recently told me that it's healthy to talk about what you have to offer, and I promised to improve. Pretty good start, huh?

I wish you an inspiring week and hope to see you around again soon - for whatever of the amazing offers I mentioned above ;)

Insistently hopeful,