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  • One word, six categories – this is our playground!


    Sustainability is a broad term, and we want to accelerate change in multiple areas of society - our repertoire of activities is therefore distributed over 6 different categories. So, if you need any inspiration on which box to put us in - here you go!

  • Curious about our finances? Have a look!


    Money rules the world, and as much as we hate this fact we have to play by the rules. To make a difference, we decided to be completely transparent about this: here's a full overview of our income & expenses. Yes, it's tough ;)

  • The Ultimate Guide to Recycling your Trash


    The intent of this article is to help you understand the importance of recycling in Copenhagen and how your participation creates a positive impact on reducing pollution caused by waste. Most importantly, it gives you a guideline on how to sort your trash effectively step-by-step.

  • This is how we take back control: from the bottom up!


    Let's generate communities that are vibrant and attractive to live in, which generate employment, are environmentally sustainable and socially cohesive, and in which large numbers of people are involved in decision-making!

  • Do good with your old phone!


    We all have those messy drawers with unused phones we'll never activate anyways - pass them on and shrink your ecological footprint!