This has been a long time coming, so I'm super glad to share with you all that our new flexible membership fee has just been published!

It means that from now on, you can choose to what degree you want to support us financially each month. The 'minimum' membership fee will stay at 100,- DKK (except during the lockdown - see below!), but if you can & want to give us more you can just do it :) And this is how:

  1. Log in at our website
  2. Go to your profile (your name in the upper right corner)
  3. Click on 'membership' tab
  4. Scroll to the menu item 'change membership price'
  5. Enter the amount you want to support us with, and click the 'update membership price' button

Here's how it looks like:

As we announced last week, there won't be any minimum price  as long as the lockdown lasts - so if you are financially challenged, you can set the price to 0,- without having to cancel your membership.

If you choose to do so, please act before Sunday midnight. This is the deadline for when it will be possible to set your subscription to zero for the next subscription renewal! We will set your membership fee back to the previous price (of your membership) after the lockdown is over.

On Monday, we will restart the automatic charging process again, so if you don't act you will just keep paying 100,- DKK. You can set the amount up anytime, so the deadline only applies for the 'free subscription'.

No matter if you choose to change the amount of your monthly support or not, the renewal cycle will stay the same. So if you started your membership on the 23.04.2018, 'your' member month will still go from the 23rd of a month until the 22nd of the next.

We have quite an amount of running costs to cover despite the space being left unused, so any contribution means a lot to us - and increases the chances for us still being around on the other side of this. Thank you again for your support <3

We hope you're all well, and that we can hug each other again very soon!

Insistently hopeful,