How is research contributing to change? Two professors from the University of Copenhagen will present their research, thoughts, and ideas about sustainability and are looking forward to an open discussion.

Prof Katherine Richardson's research is focused on biodiversity and climate change, especially dealing with marine phenomena and plankton. She is currently the leader of Sustainability Science Centre at The University of Copenhagen.

Among many things, she led one of the largest projects on a round-the-world cruise to develop a global picture of ocean's dynamic in 2006-2007 and has been involved in a project aiming to quantify the global supply of some non-material resources upon which humankind is dependent.

Professor Stanley Johnson's research is focused on climatology and air pollution/purification. He has experience in doing both fundamental and applied research to understand and exploit the chemical and physical phenomena involved. He has experience in consulting for national and private organizations.

Both speakers will give a quick overview (ca. 20 minutes each) of their research interest, ideas, thoughts about climate and sustainability. The event is meant to be interactive and there will be plenty of room for questions and discussions with the audience (ca. 20-25 minutes for each speaker). 

No scientific knowledge is required: just come along with friends, curiosity, and questions like: what do researchers do about climate change? How? How do they contribute to shaping policies? Can they help to shape our present or future environment in a broad and/or local scale?

Free for members.

Price: 50,- DKK - get your ticket here!