Thomas Kudelas beautiful piano music lives somewhere between jazz, neo classical and improvised avant-garde, and the season has come to enjoy it with some candles and a burning fireplace.

Hearing Sternlumen playing the piano sounds like he had 6 hands instead of only two, and all of them hitting just the right key at the right moment. With his temperamental piano play and minimalist intensity Sternlumen draws the listener into a journey through the music - think of Nils Frahm, and you know what we're talking about.

Thomas is born in Germany but lives in Copenhagen, just released his new EP called Nørrebro Nights and collected some great reviews! Click here to listen to one of his songs - it's called 'Red Wine Melancholia' (and yes, we'll also serve red wine O:)

The dark season has come, so we're looking forward to creating an extra cozy atmosphere with the fire crackling in the background and warm candlelight all over.

50,- DKK | members can bring a friend for free.

Grab your tickets in advance here, seats are limited!

Doors open at 19:30, concert starts at 20:00.