Our work group on the topic of education is taking up speed fast! On top of hosting the monthly meetings of the Sudbury Initiative, we decided that now it's time to dive deeper - what other alternatives are out there? What are the differences and similarities? And what does it need to set them up?

We are still looking for people who would want to get involved in the workgroup and help to create the school of our dreams - this is your chance to meet us!

We will have presentations on the following approaches:

  • the Rudolf Steiner-Model - by a former student
  • Inquiry learning and the IB program (International Baccalaureate) - by a former teacher of those
  • the Montessori education - by Anja who is interested in it
  • the new free school at Islands Brygge - by Sara who is starting it
  • a teacher's opinion on how things should be - by a teacher from a 'regular' school

After the presentations, we will focus on similarities and differences between the models, identify existing alternatives in the area and discuss what is missing and would be possible to realize in Copenhagen. 

There will be some drinks and snacks offered during the workshop, available on a pay-as-you-feel-basis.

This event is free for everyone!

About the Education Work Group

If you have an opinion on our education system? Regardless of whether you love or hate the current system, we're inviting you to join. We want to make change happen!

The long-term goal of the workgroup is both to develop accessible events and lectures on the topic of education, but also to establish a formal apolitical platform for the development of an alternative education system. And we have a strong ambition to develop a practical and sustainable schooling system for those who want change now.

We believe the solutions are found in talking openly about what works and what doesn't and why that is. What inspires us and what scares us? What is needed for the future and what belongs in the past? By challenging each other's points of view, new perspective is uncovered and common ground can be found.

Join us if you think there is room for improvement :-)