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  • Do you want to host an event?

      • think.dk

    We are offering our members the opportunity to host events in central Copenhagen - anything related to holistic sustainability is highly welcome.

  • I know nothing.

      • think.dk

    This time of this year is calling all of us to go inwards. To realize what we actually have, and to find a way to be comfortable with it. Sit with it.

  • Verdensborger

      • think.dk

    Alternativt konfirmations/Nonfirmations koncept til unge i alderen 13-15 år, men fokus på holistisk bæredygtighed og forståelse af verden.

  • Update from the frontline

      • think.dk

    Yes, we have landed and we are slowly settling in Kulturhus Indre By – it starts looking a bit like something we know.

  • What our members do!

      • think.dk