Join us for an inspiring talk about how we are going to change the world. This event will give you a quick introduction to the key points of the Stopknappen framework and ideology, followed by an open table discussion.

Stopknappen is based on a yet unnamed ideology that believes in people. It is built on the assumption that we can achieve more through creativity and collaboration than through competition. We can relieve society of the financial pressure and improve living standards. We can have time to reflect and make better decisions because that's how we become better people.

Our current system is paralyzed and will not be able to deal proficiently with the challenges ahead. That's why Stopknappen offers a holistic framework for a society and state, where people are in control, not least of their own lives. It's recognizing the potential of the individual and understands the interdependence of the collective. We can take control back and prepare society for tomorrow – and we can do it now.

Everyone with an open mind is welcome!

Free for everyone.