This post is outlining the functioning of the Event Group, which is responsible for coordinating and filling the event schedule at Please drop us a comment if any questions come up on the way!

Event Group Responsibilities

Show up at the monthly meeting, which takes place every third Monday of the month from 18:00 to 20:00

Have someone take minutes during the meeting to keep track of everything discusses within the meeting. 


1. Hear and evaluate new requests from those attending the meeting and any requests delivered by mail from those who can’t attend the meeting. 


  • Open and go through the 'Event Proposal Form's' for each new request to make sure all the  requirements are fulfilled. (provided by the Event Group Coordinators) 
  • Does the event fit into one of the categories? (Tech, Education, Health, Creativity, Environment, Community)
  • Open the Google sheets document 'Event proposals for Fall'19' for an overview of the events that are scheduled and fill in new event proposal info (provided by the Event Group Coordinators)

2. Deciding which events go on the calendar (based on ‘first come first serve’ with consideration to the categories and the ‘Event Evaluation and Scheduling Guideline')

If the event is approved by the group, then open the 'events space' Google calendar and find a date and time for the event and put it in the calendar. (provided be the Event Group Coordinators)

3. Introducing the space, guidelines and paperwork to new hosts:

4. Finding out who will be responsible for the event planning tasks over the next decided period of time. This is done voluntarily, but in the case that no one volunteers, the group has decided that names would then be picked.

5. Share the minutes on the the #events Slack channel. 

To see the specific guidelines for the Event Group Coordinators click here