Event Group Coordinator(s) Responsibilities

During Event Group Meeting:

  1. Provide access to the Event Proposal Form's
  2. Provide access to the Event Proposals Fall Spreadsheet and put in new event request info.
  3. Check the Google ‘event space’ calendar and put in events that have been approved.

Independent of the Event Group Meeting:

1. Answer event requests from the events@think.dk e-mail (minimum every three days) and ask proponents to review the conditions and complete the process, if they haven't already

Once they have reviewed the conditions and have provided the necessary info, then there are 3 ways to move forward:

  • Invite new hosts to the Event Group Meeting (every third Monday of the month from 18-20)
  • If they can't have their event here then explain why
  • If they can't attend the meeting (special conditions) then make sure to go through and complete all the regular 'MEETING TASKS'

2. When an event has been approved, create the event on the think.dk website using the title of the event, date and time only - directions on how to do this can be found here. (Remember to put the event into the ‘events space’ calendar.)

3. Notify the event host to fill in the event description, and the backers to review the description.

4. The e-mail password is changed by the new Event Group Coordinators. Write start@think.dk who the new Event Group Coordinators are and the new password (the think.dk admins need to give the Event Coordinators access to create events on the website and be updated with password changes.)