Great that you are having a physical event with think! 

We recommend that event hosts come and get an introduction to the event space in advance. This could be done upon request by writing to

You are welcome to set up the room as you feel best accommodates your event, but leave the room as tidy, and in the same setup as you found it.

Below are some things to remember.


  • The lights in Salen have a switch in the room in the right side of the stage. There is a switch that has a sticker saying "Hold for dæmp" that can control the lights, with the option of gradually turning the light up or down by holding the switch pressed.
  • Please DO NOT PRESS other buttons in that room.
  • The basic sound system is located on the wall in the left side of the stage. To use it - make sure the switch with the red light in the middle is on. Plug the long, black sound cable (AUX cable) into your device. If there is no sound make sure the cable is connected to the panel and the yellow radio buttons (has "Zoom" written next to them) to the right edge of the panel are up.
  • The projector is self-adjusting and you can connect by putting one end of the HDMI/ VGI/adaptor cable into your device and the other end in the respective connector on the panel. 
    To turn on the projector, use the black remote from the shelf by pressing the red button. If the projector is blinking a green light, then it is on and warming up.
    When the image is on the screen, press on the Input button from the same remote to choose the cable that you are using (HDMI / PC if using VGA)
  • The chairs are stacked on the sides. Feel free to use as many as you like, but make sure to place them the same way you found them when you leave.
  • The couches have wheels so they can also be placed around as needed. Remember to lock the wheels if wanting to set them in one place. The same as the chairs, make sure to have them in the back side of the room when done in the same format as you found them.
  • DO NOT OPEN the fire escape as this will trigger the fire alarm and you will have to pay a fine in case of false alarm.

Meeting room 1 / Mødelokale 1

  • Due to Corona the room has been approved for 42 seated participants or 21 standing. Chairs are available for this amount of people. Therefore the remaining chairs (with red tape or covered with black cloth, see attached pictures) are not to be used.
  • You can move tables and chairs around to fit the purpose of your event as you please, but before you leave you must put everything back in the right place (see attached pictures).
  • Leave the space as tidy as you found it. You may have to clean – especially if you've had many guests. 

We hope you have a great experience using the space! 

Please let us know if you have any feedback or if anything runs out. If you have any urgent questions that aren’t included here then write to Enjoy!