Great that you are using’s space! Below are some things to know when you are using the rooms. Please read carefully, and have anyone involved in the (‘backstage’) use of the room read this! You are welcome to set up the room as you feel best accommodates your event, but leave the room as tidy as you found it – we follow the ‘leave no trace’-policy!

The Main Room:

  • The lights to the main room have a switch at the ivy plant - please do NOT use the switch at the entrance door, it will confuse the electric circuit. You can also switch the lamps on/off and change orientation individually - use the wooden step to reach them, they have their own switch on the top of each lamp.
  • The basic sound system is located on the wall opposite to the door you enter from. To use it just plug the long, black sound cable (at the window sill) into your phone and use the remote to adjust volume.
  • If you are using the PA system, which is located in the corner beside the piano, then please make sure to inform yourself at the team about how it works :)
  • The projector is self-adjusting and can be setup up either at the big table (to use on whiteboard) or on the window sill (to use on white wall). We have adaptors for mac, a long VGA and a short HDMI cable.
  • If there are not enough chairs in the main room then you can find it in the room that is connected to the kitchen on the left; we have 35 stacking chairs and 48 chairs in total. (Please let us know prior to the event if you need access to the chairs as this door is normally locked.)
  • Yoga mats, blocks and blankets are stored in the big box under the vinyl player in the big room - when using, please pack away carefully so they fit without being stuffed.
  • If/when you move the foam seating, make sure NOT to lift or drag them from the corners as the foam then becomes destroyed (the corners rip out) – always move them around with flat hands, thank you!
  • The far right window is broken so please do NOT open it.


We built the kitchen ourselves, so please take good care of it when you use it:

  • The countertops are very sensitive as they don’t have a water protection coat, so PLEASE wipe up any water/liquid that gets on the countertop IMMEDIATELY as they get cracks if water stays on them
  • When using the dishwasher, make sure you don’t fill it up too much as the dishes then don’t get clean. The dishwasher tabs are on the shelf above the sink in a glass. Do not use the ECO program (same problem).
  • Also when using the dishwasher make sure that you put the sharp knives on the top folding down racks where it is designed for knives (plastic racks). If you put it in the other areas, then they can cut into the plastic that has metal underneath and create rust :(
  • If you clean up/unload the dishwasher and find things you don’t know where they belong to, please leave them lying out so people who know their ‘home’ can put them away.
  • The pots we currently have are only working on the gas cooking plates – not on the induction plates.
  • The left trash under the sink (white box) is for organic trash, the right one for mixed/rest trash. Glass and deposit bottles are collected under the kitchen table, and paper trash is collected in the white container in the big room (at the whiteboard).


  • When taking out the garbage, then you go in the yard to the corner opposite of fitness world and place it in the correct container - please separate your trash, there is organic/paper/carton/glass and the rest.
  • Please clean the outside ashtray area (next to the entrance) from cigarette buds after the event and remember that smoking is not allowed inside the facility.

We hope you have a great experience using’s space! Please let us know if you have any feedback, let us know if anything runs out (soap etc), and feel free to call Anja at 60692819 if you have any questions that haven’t been covered here! Enjoy!