Guideline for creating graphics for member hosted events 

This guideline is for all event related graphics posted on the Internet, Social Media, as well as printed posters and flyers.

The member event badge is a small graphic that must be added to all member event promotion material, as a visual “red thread” and to spread the awareness of

At think we help each other succeed. We created a space for you, and you help share the knowledge of our place and concept – and that way we can grow together.

Without your support, we won’t be here to support you. It really is that simple.

The Event Badge/Watermark

We have prepared three default color versions of the badge, which can be downloaded here:

Creating graphics

Some of you might already have a preferred graphic manipulation tool on your computer – That’s nice, you probably already know how it works and how to apply the badge to your graphics.

If you don’t have any tools or knowledge about these things (graphic manipulation), we have found to be the simplest, free online tool to do this. It’s provides a simple interface and guides you through the process. It’s a “next, next, done”-kinda thing. You simply add your event image, click “next”, and then add the badge (which is also considered a watermark). Adjust the position and size and then export the final image, containing the Member event badge.

Layout details and rules

The badge is provided in three formats: svg, eps and png.   

  • Svg and eps are vector graphics and therefore fully scalable.
  • The png is a bitmap graphic and should only ever be scaled down to avoid it becoming grainy.
  • We recommend using svg or eps if you graphics tool supports it.

It can be added anywhere on your material – as it fits your design and layout. It can also be scaled down or up (svg and eps only), but it can only be scaled down to the extent that “” is still fully readable. When scaled down the outer circle of words may just appear as a line, which is acceptable.

You can also apply a color overlay if needed – no restrictions apply in this regard, except the requirement of “” to be readable.

Here the badge is represented in the black version:

Some examples: