How to use the free and open source video chat

As i mentioned in the latest newsletter, amazing Changer Josh Clement set up a server that we can use to host virtual events all gratis and safe from data collectors, based on free software.

Here's how to use it:

Go to, type in a name for your room, and have everyone else join by typing in the same room name. That's how easy it is!

It should work just fine in chromium/chrome, and it could work but with some issues in firefox. Jitsi also offers a free software client for Win/Mac/Linux that can be downloaded here  as well as apps in the android and iOS stores.

Note that if you use the app, you need to write in the server field in the settings in order to use the server Josh has set up.

Jitsi hosts a public server which also works very well in the event that Josh's is slow or down. He just wants to proliferate the decentralized model of organizations and communities hosting the communications tools that they use in order for the technology to scale, especially now that the public server is likely under strain.

Spread the word my friends!