Set-up the space

Arrive in good time before the event starts, we suggest 30-45 minutes before

If this is your first event of the season, then make sure you have signed the the 'Hosting Agreement' fill out the space for: Host, CPR, Phone, Type of Event, the date after ‘Copenhagen’, and then all the signatures. Send to or hand in personally to the office.


  1. Light the candles along the stairs
  2. Write the event title and start time on the chalk sign
  3. Check the bathroom has a hand towel and toilet paper
  4. Fill the water bottles and put glasses on the community table
  5. Turn on the lights (by the ivy going up the wall, you may also put on the fairy lights along the window)
  6. Set up chairs (if you need chairs, please let us know before hand so they are available)
  7. Set up the projector (if needed) - we recommend on the windowsill or on one of the smaller movable tables. Check alignment & connection with laptop in good time before event start and adjust if needed
  8. If the dishwasher is full, please unload it, if it’s (almost) full and dirty start a cycle so you can have an empty one by the end of the event (Please don't use the eco program - as the dishes never get clean, instead use the normal cycle) the dishwasher tabs are above the sink in a glass jar ;)
  9. If you put on background music (recommended) you can connect your device to the jack near the wooden shelf (make sure: the cable is connected to the silver box next to the wooden shelf, that the subwoofer is switched on - you can use the grey remote to turn it on and change the volume, if there is silence then press input on the remote)

Welcome the participants

Prepare the check-in counter:

  1. Newsletter sign up list & pen 
  2. If there is an entrance fee make sure to keep the attendance and how many members and non members are participating, as you need to fill out the the 'Event Income Form' and slip it under the door before leaving. 
  3. Welcome your guests (of course ;)
  4. Before the start of the event – check how people are distributed and adapt the seating to make it comfortable for everyone. 

Introduce, camera action & yourself

Besides introducing yourself and your event, we would love if you could tell a little about, as we are of course trying to grow this lovely community of ours :)

  1. Introduce yourself (of course ;) and anyone else you may have with you helping out with the event.
  2. Introduce Suggestions: " is a space to empower people to live and act more sustainably" and/or "a space to create positive change through co-creation, collaboration and providing room for people to experiment with and share ideas and that believes that through unfolding human potential we can be(come) the solution(s) this world needs."
  3. Please mention the newsletter sign-up list and that we can only exist if people support us through signing up as members
  4. If you would like to take photos*, then we ask you to also send them to us after the event so we can also use them for promoting etc. Also, be sure to make people aware that you will be taking photos during the event (and that they should inform you if they don’t want their face shown.)

*If there are people who not like to be in photos, try to avoid taking shots with that person/people in it  (you can also ask to take a photo of them - so that you can remember who they are to blur their face if needed.)

Clean-up the space

  1. Gather all the cups/plates/cutlery used. If you started a wash earlier and it’s done, please put those away and fill it up with the dirty ones. Start a new load before leaving if the dishwasher is pretty full - if it isn’t, just leave it for us ;)
  2. If the dishwasher will not be done for a long time, rinse the used stuff and leave it neatly in the sink for the following day.
  3. If there is any garbage or recycling, then please put it away neatly or empty it if container full.
  4. It's a good idea to open the windows for 5-10 minutes to freshen the air. 
  5. Make sure to put cushions and chairs back where they belong, and any furniture back to it's original position if you decide to move it. 
  6. Blow out all the candles and turn off all the lights.
  7. - The lights in big room are switched off with the light switch next to the ivy plant (NOT individually)
  8. DO NOT turn off the heaters (unless it is summer). All Radiators need to be set to the same level (if it’s freezing outside, leave all of them on 5).

Event income and attendance

  • Once the event is finished, fill out the 'Event Income Form' (located on the bottom shelf of the info table) and place it under the office door (this should also be used for events without a price).  Please transfer within 48 hours the share of the event income due to to the mobile pay number or account number provided on the form. 


  • When you are leaving, make sure to lock the main entrance (if the key is hard to turn lift up the door a bit at the handle before turning the key) and then put the key into the 'key box' outside the door, using the code. 

If there something you're wondering about that hasn't been answered here? Then please check out our 'How to use the rooms of our Center' post