This is the Event Hosting Guideline for those who have had their event request(s) approved.

If this is your first event of the season, make sure you have signed the 'Hosting Agreement Spring 2020' and sent it to or handed it in personally to the office.

Before the event

Once you’ve received notice that your event is ready for you to fill out the description on the website, you take the following steps:

  1. Fill in the necessary information into the event description and include an image. (The deadline is one week before the month the event is taking place for one time events OR max two weeks after the events have been created on for regular events)
  2. Ask your backers to review the description
  3. When they have done this, take one more look to make sure everything is correct and switch it to online
  4. Once the event is on the page then you make a Facebook event (only if you have a Facebook Page) and add as a co-host. Also make sure to add the watermark to the event picture. (If you only have a personal Facebook account then write to who will create the event and then add you as a co-host)
  5. Promote your event! (Remember that if you are making posters or flyers you are required to put the watermark on the photos/images)
  6. Make sure to read through this Event Hosting Guideline before your event and to familiarize yourself with the How to use the rooms of our Center guideline.
  7. Prepare for your event ;)

If you have any further questions or comments, then please use the #events Slack channel to communicate. To access the channel, sign up on and join the workspace

Set-up the space

Arrive in good time before the event starts, we suggest 30-45 minutes before


  1. If dark outside, light the candles along the stairs so people see where to go
  2. Write the ‘Event title’ and ‘Start time’ on the chalk board sign at the top of the stairs
  3. Check the bathroom has a hand towel and toilet paper (toilet paper is located in the storage room)
  4. Fill the water bottles and put glasses on the community table
  5. Go through the 'How to use the rooms of our Center' guideline when setting up the space
  6. Check projector alignment & connection with laptop in good time before event start and adjust if needed
  7. Prepare the check-in counter:
    - Newsletter sign up list & pen
    - Welcome your guests
    - For priced events take the tickets/entrance fee
    - Keep track of how many members and non members attend            - Before you begin the event – check how people are distributed and adapt the seating to make it comfortable for everyone

Introduce, camera action & yourself

Besides introducing yourself and your event, we would like you to tell a little about, as we are of course trying to grow this lovely community of ours :)

  1. Introduce yourself (of course ;) and anyone else you may have with you helping out with the event.
  2. Introduce use this intro text as inspiration
  3. If you would like to take photos*, then we ask you to also send them to us after the event so we can also use them for promoting etc. Also, be sure to make people aware that you will be taking photos during the event (and that they should inform you if they don’t want their face shown.)

*If there are people who don't want to be in photos, try to avoid taking shots with the person/people in them  (you can also ask to take a photo of them - so that you can remember who they are to blur their face if needed.)

Event Feedback and Income

Once the event is finished, fill out the 'Event Feedback and Income Form'

Please transfer the share of the event income due to within 48 hours to the mobile pay number or account number provided on the form.

Clean-up the space

Go through the 'How to use the rooms of our Center' guideline for more detailed instructions. 

Quick Checklist:

  1. Clean up all the dishes and/or glasses used.
  2. Put garbage and recycling away.
  3. If the air is stuffy then open the windows for 5-10 minutes and remember to close them before leaving.
  4. Put furniture back to its original position (if moved) and chairs back into the storage room (if used).
  5. Clean the space if necessary. (Including cigarette butts in the entrance area)
  6. Make sure to write in the Event Feedback and Income form is anything was damaged during the event and by whom, here is the inventory list.
  7. Blow out the candles and turn off all the lights.
  8. Sign that you've done all the tasks on the guideline when finished an event on the 'Hosting Checklist Completed' form on the door into the space. 


When you are leaving, make sure to lock the main entrance (if the key is hard to turn lift up the door a bit at the handle before turning the key) and then put the key into the 'key box' outside the door, using the code.

Thank you for reading all this! If you have feedback or have suggestions for improvement please include it in the online 'Event Feedback and Income Form'.

Is there something you're wondering about that hasn't been answered here? Then please check out our 'How to use the rooms of our Center' post