This is a guideline for anyone needing to put events or descriptions onto the website.

The first section is for the Event Group Coordinators 

The second section is for the Event Hosts and Backers

Event Group Coordinators 

1. Login to your account on (top right corner of the screen)

2. Once logged in press on ‘janitor’ in the top right corner

3. Scroll to the left and a menu will pop-up. Go to the ‘CONTENT’ menu and in that menu click on ‘EVENTS (EVENT ADMIN)’

4. Then on the top left, click on the green button called ‘New event’

  • Put in the 'Title of the Event’
  • In the new screen, on the bottom you then put in the date and time of the event
  • Add the host in the ‘Event Owner’ field and the two backers in the ‘Backers’ field
  • For multiple events (event series) you go to the right corner and press ‘duplicate’ twice (to confirm) and then once you are in the duplicated event you erase ‘duplicate’ in the title and put in the next date of the event.
  • Notify the Event Host and Backers through e-mail that the event is now ready to have the content filled in. There is a guideline to show them how to do this.

Event Hosts and Backers

1. Login to your account (login is in the top right hand corner)

2. Press on ‘account/janitor’ in the top right corner

3. Scroll to the left and a menu will pop up. Go to the ‘CONTENT’ menu and click on ‘EVENTS (EVENT OWNER)’

4. Fill in the ‘Short description’ box. Keep in mind that this should be short and is what people see when they scroll over the event on the ‘ calendar’.

5. Fill in the content in the following format which you do one paragraph at a time. (for more detailed instructions on how to use the functions then scroll down to the bottom*)

  • (OPTIONAL) Intro to what the event is about in the first paragraph (if there is a theme for the event, this is also a good place to fill in the theme)
  • The Event: Make a ‘H3’ Headline and put in ‘The Event’
  • Underneath this then fill in the long description of the event (if you have subsections or lists needed in this section, then follow the directions at the bottom of this page)
  • The Host(s): Make a 'H3' Headline and put in ‘The Host(s)’  
  • Underneath fill in the description of (you) the host. 
  • Registration and Details: Make a 'H3' Headline and put in 'Registration and Details 
  • Underneath you put in any information regarding registration if necessary, and the price in italics.
  • a. Here is an example: Price: 100,- DKK, 50% discount for members
  • EXAMPLE: Here is a link to an example of a past event to see the order of the sections to make it a bit easier to understand: Talk for Transformation

6. Use the tags by pressing the ‘+’ button to fill in the category(ies) your event fits under. For example: for a Health event you click on CAT:Health etc.

7. Ignore the ‘Price’ section, this section is still not ready to use.

8. Put in the pic for your event. Scroll to the top and click on the ‘Single Media’ section. A box will show up - ‘Add Media Here’, click on that section and add the picture you are using for the event. (Make sure to delete the file name of the photo that appears underneath the picture, or replace it with a meaningful picture title) 

9. After you and the backers have reviewed the description press the OFF button so it says ON (upper right hand corner) and then your event is online!

10. Now you’ve put your event on the website, congratulations! Remember you are also required to make a Facebook event and add as a host. Read more here

*Here are the different options when creating content:

  • When you click on the ‘P’ (for paragraph) in the grey box to the left of the area where you can put in content you have the option of picking ‘H2’, ‘H3’, ‘H4’ which are Heading options, ‘H2 being the biggest and ‘H4’ being the smallest.
  • For each section we advise you to use ‘H3’ and then ‘H4’ for sub-sections
  • When you press the ‘+’ sign you have the following options:
  • a. choosing ‘P’, ‘H2’, ‘H3’, ‘H4’
  • b. ‘List (ul, ol)’ which stands for ‘unordered list’ or ‘ordered list’.
    When pressing on this it will automatically go to ‘unordered list’, to change this simple press on the ‘UL’ and below ‘OL’ will pop up and you can press on this for an ordered list
  • c. ‘Media’ with the option of putting in a ‘jpg’ image or a ‘png’ image
  • d. ‘Downloadable file’ where you then have the option to put in a file
  • Scroll over the ‘+’ sign to move the sections by pressing on the arrows that point up and down
  • To have a part of the text lead to a link, or have the text italic or bold, you then highlight the text you would like changed and an option will come to the side and you can click either 'link', 'itallic' or 'bold' .
  • a. When adding a link put the link in the box that appears where is says ‘url’ and check the box ‘open in new window?’ (unless it is a link to another page then you do not need to check this box)