Located in the grey box to the left of where you put in content you have the option of clicking on that area and choosing:

  • ‘P’ for paragraph or
  • ‘H2’, ‘H3’, ‘H4’ for Heading options (H2 being the biggest and ‘H4’ being the smallest)

For each main section we advise you to use ‘H3’ and then ‘H4’ for sub-sections

When you press the ‘+’ sign you have the following options:

  • a. choosing ‘P’, ‘H2’, ‘H3’, ‘H4’
  • b. ‘List (ul, ol)’ which stands for ‘unordered list’ or ‘ordered list’. (When pressing on this it will automatically go to ‘unordered list’, to change this simple press on the ‘UL’ and below ‘OL’ will pop up and you can press on this for an ordered list)
  • c. ‘Media’ with the option of putting in a ‘jpg’ image or a ‘png’ image
  • d. ‘Downloadable file’ where you then have the option to put in a file

To move the sections, scroll over the up and down arrows to the left of the section and drag the section. 

To have a part of the text lead to a link, be italic or bold,  then highlight the text and an option will come to the side where you can click either 'link', 'itallic' or 'bold' .

When adding a link put the link in the box that appears where it says ‘url’ and check the box ‘open in new window?’  (unless it is a link to another think.dk page in which case you do not need to check the box)