1. Login to your think.dk account (login is in the top right hand corner)

2. Press on ‘Account’ in the top right corner

3. Move your mouse to the left side where there is a 'J' on green background and a menu will pop-up. Go to the ‘CONTENT’ menu and click on ‘EVENTS (EVENT HOST)’

4. Choose the event which you would like to edit from the list. Make sure that the title of the event is written in both Danish and English - the language that the event is held in should be first (e.g. Fællesspisning | Community Dinner)

5. Fill in the ‘Short description’ box. Keep in mind that this should be short and is what people see when they scroll over the event on the ‘think.dk calendar’.

6. Fill in the content in the following format - this must be done one paragraph at a time. (for more detailed instructions on how to use the functions then click here)

  • (OPTIONAL) Intro to what the event is about in the first paragraph (if there is a theme for the event, this is also a good place to fill in the theme)
  • The Event: Make a ‘H3’ Headline and put in ‘The Event’
  • Underneath this then fill in the long description of the event (if you have subsections or lists needed in this section, then follow the directions at the bottom of this page)
  • The Host(s): Make a 'H3' Headline and put in ‘The Host(s)’
  • Underneath fill in the description of (you) the host.
  • Registration and Details: Make a 'H3' Headline and put in 'Registration and Details
  • Underneath you put in any information regarding registration if necessary, and the price in italics.
  • a. Here is an example: Price: 100,- DKK, 50% discount for members
  • EXAMPLE: Here is a link to an example of a past event to see the order of the sections to make it a bit easier to understand: Talk for Transformation
  • If you would like to use think.dk ticketing system, then please ensure that tickets are being created for your event. Tickets should appear as active here when ready to use and be linked in the event description.

7. Remember that the description must be written in both Danish and English - the description in the language that the event is held in should be first. (as an example you can see Fællesspisning | Community Dinner)

8. Put in the image for your event. Scroll to the top and click on the ‘Main event image’ section. Drag the picture you are using for the event inside the box.

9. After you and the backers have reviewed the description press the OFF button so it says ON (upper right hand corner) and then your event is online!

10. Now you’ve put your event on the website, congratulations! Remember you are also required to make a Facebook event and add think.dk as a host. Follow these directions.