Looking for ways you can save the world? Do you love Social Media and working with meaningful communities? Come help us!

We are a young Non-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating sustainable change in this world. In our first 7 months we hosted more than 100 events with >1.000 people all with the same vision. It’s been super exciting and we’re ready for the next level - help us grow by managing all our social media channels and be part of the change you want to see in the world!

Please note: good work should be rewarded accordingly, and we would love to offer a well paid job here but unfortunately our economic situation does not allow us to pay any salary - at least not for now. We do not exclude the possibility of changing the internship to an actual job at a later point if our economic situation changes.

The position is expected to require 15 hours a week.


  1. Create and curate content on our Social Media platforms
  2. Help to identify and develop relevant content topics and new social media platforms.
  3. Help develop the Social Media ‘voice’ for think.dk (how we interact with people online)

Key Tasks

  • Keep our events updated across Facebook/MeetUp/Evensi and potentially other platforms
  • Post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Reply to Social Media commenters and messages
  • Relay any issues/insights back to the rest of us at think.dk (once a week)

Authority: After a short period of training you can (and mostly you'll have to) decide what to do and when all by yourself!


  • You will work in an office at think.dk in Østerbro, next door to the founders Martin and Anja
  • Your working hours will be flexible within 10:00 and 18:00.
  • You can work on a think.dk laptop which is a bit older (i.e. slower), but can also bring your own laptop
  • You will have access to a kitchen, free tea & coffee
  • You can join think.dk events for free

Skills Required

  • Excellent writing and verbal communication in English, Danish would be a plus
  • Self Management - you’re able to set tasks for yourself and achieve them when you say.
  • Experience with facebook pages, the MeetUp platform, twitter and Instagram
  • Experience in image processing and/or graphic design is an advantage.

You’ll be successful if you Increase engagement on our Social Channels and grow our followers by >50% in 6 months, support think.dk to develop an online personality and feel like being part of making this world a better place :)