In order to manifest our vision of a sustainable world through creating positive change, we defined a few conditions that need to be fulfilled if you want to host an event at our Center.

When requesting to host event at, there is a three step process:

  1. Read the conditions below to see whether you agree and fulfil them
  2. Fill out the Event Proposal Form
  3. Attend an Event Group Meeting

If you have any questions then you are always welcome to write

Conditions for hosting events at

  1. You need to be a member
  2. You need to have minimum two Backers 
  3. The event needs to be somehow working towards sustainable change (environmentally, socially, culturally or economically) and be aligned with our mission and values
  4. If you plan to sell tickets, you pay a share of the ticket income to 50 % of each ticket sold to non-members
    For tickets sold to members of, you do not pay any share of the ticket price to As an exchange, paying members of get 50% discount on their ticket
  5. You need to sign and give us the Event Hosting Agreement either physically or through e-mail to before having your event(s). Here you can find the 'Spring 20' Event Hosting Agreement'
  6. Attend an Event Group meeting (every third Monday of the month) before you host an event; and regularly if you want to host recurring events (if this is not possible, please contact to make other arrangements)
  7. You give a short intro about at the beginning of your event and make sure to read the Event Hosting Guideline before your event
  8. You put the event description on the website yourself following the guideline, create a facebook event and put the badge on event graphics/pictures
  9. You need to fill out the Event Feedback and Income Form after each event (including events with no entrance price)
  10. Your event needs to be publicly accessible, if it is a private event then you can contact about renting the space

Sending Your Request

Are you ready to host an event? Then go ahead and fill out the event proposal form! The Event Group Coordinators will get back to you once they've received the event proposal. If you need to get in contact with them directly you can write to

If you have general questions relating to events or want to find Backers, we ask you to join the Slack channel called #events. To access the channel, you sign up on and join the workspace

We look forward to accelerating change with you!

If you would like the event will make it in the next month's schedule, the Event Group has asked that you send your request at least one week before the next meeting.

Event Requests and Process

The final decision of whether your event will go ahead is decided at the Event Group meeting, which are on the third Monday of each month, so it is important for you to attend. (If this is not possible, please contact the Event Coordinators by writing to

The Event Group also has a responsibility to keep a balance in the calendar with respect to the 6 categories (areas of activity). Therefore, if your event is in an over represented category, you may be put on a waiting list.