In order to manifest our vision of a sustainable world through creating positive change, we defined a few conditions that need to be fulfilled if you want to host an event at our Center.

Please read the following list as well as the questions further down to see whether your event fits.

Conditions for hosting events at

  1. You need to be a member
  2. You need to have minimum two backers
  3. The event needs to be somehow working towards sustainable change (environmentally, socially, culturally or environmentally)
  4. It should fit into one of the categories (unless you give us a good reason why it doesn’t – the categories are fluid and are adapted between the seasons)
  5. If you plan to sell tickets, you pay a share of the ticket income to the Center: 50 % of each ticket sold to non-members
    For tickets sold to members of, you do not pay any share of the ticket price to As an exchange, paying members of get 50% discount on their ticket
  6. You need to sign and give us the Event Hosting Agreement either physically or through e-mail to before having your event(s). You can find the Event Hosting Agreement here
  7. You should be able and willing to attend an Event Group meeting (which is every third Monday of the month) before you host an event; and regularly if you want to host recurring events
  8. You give a short intro to before your event
  9. You put the event description on the website yourself following the guidelines, create a facebook event and put the badge on event promotion graphics
  10. Your event needs to be publicly accessible, if it is a private event then you can contact about renting the space


Backers are members who support you having your event, agree to review and help edit your event description and can help you during your event if necessary.

We’ve made it easier for you to find backers by creating a Slack channel for members to ask other members to be Backers, the slack channel is called #events. If you have not already been added to this group you can write to and we'll add you ;)

We’ve decided to use this strategy in order to:

  • enhance co-creation, collaboration and community
  • ensure well written event descriptions
  • give hosts support for their events
  • give members more influence and involvement with the events taking place at

Event Requests and Process

Once the Event Group has received your e-mail and agrees that the event(s) fit into our schedule, they will send you our Event Proposal Form which you need to make sure you read properly and fill out. You are also welcome to fill it out now with the above link.

In order to make it more likely that the event will make it in the next month's schedule, the Event Group has asked that you send your request at least one week before the next meeting. 

The final decision will be made at an Event Group meeting, which are on the third Monday of each month, so it is important for you to attend the next meeting to have your event confirmed. (If this seems to be impossible due to the date or other reasons, exceptions can sometimes be made by talking to the ones responsible for the group who can be contacted by writing to

The Event Group also has a responsibility to keep a balance in the calendar with respect to the 6 categories (areas of activity), as we want to host events in multiple areas. Therefore if your event is in an over represented category like say ‘health’, you may be put on a waiting list.

Once your event is approved the Event Group will put the Title and Date of your event into the calendar and then let you know that you can add your description onto the website. The directions of how to do this can be found here.


1) Is the event aligned with’s values? Why?’s Core Values:

  • Sharing and Collaboration
    Knowledge and awareness is key to change and when we share our experiences, knowledge and resources, we can get further with less effort.
  • Empowerment
    Giving people the courage to act on their ideas and a space, resources and knowledge to make better and more conscious decisions, will accelerate change.
  • Being an alternative to the mainstream
    Daring to stand out causes reflection and creates leeway for others, and that is essential in a time of leading transformation.
  • Connection
    Communities can make a bigger impact than individuals – and we love to explore the potential that emerges when strangers meet.
  • Transparency
    We want people to fully understand what we are doing, and why. And we want to encourage and support other people to start more initiatives like – that’s why we share all our experiences, processes, activities and finances – honestly.
  • Openness
    When we are truly open, then ideas can unfold more easily, creativity can be expressed more freely and curiosities can be explored more intensely – and that space is instrumental to discovering new approaches and solutions.
  • Inclusion
    Everyone has the potential to create sustainable solutions – despite their financial or societal status. We are enriched with perspective by the diversity of inclusion, so our event pricing must ensure accessibility for low-income groups.

2) is all about sustainability and we take a holistic approach, meaning that sustainability is focused on from an environmental, social, cultural and economic perspective. Therefore events at should somehow be in line with one or more of these ways of approaching sustainability. Please explain in short how your event is related to sustainability.

3) We organise events based on 6 categories (areas of activity) that we have chosen to focus on at

Does your event fit in one of categories? How?

  • Environment
  • Health
  • Creativity
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Community

Does it not quite fit in our categories? That’s fine, we can’t all fit in boxes ;)
But please explain why you feel it is still a relevant event to have at

4) If your event seems to fit at then go ahead and send us a mail at, we look forward to accelerating change with you!