As a member of you join a community that works together to accelerate change towards a sustainable society. The core of our community is mutual inspiration and encouragement - you are not alone! 

Curious where your money will go?


You will receive an activation email with more information immediately after you sign up. You can cancel, upgrade or change your membership anytime. Your membership will start on the day of your sign up.

Confused? Here comes the fine print:


This will be sent about once a month so you know about future developments and highlights of what's been happening at We won't spam you. Promise.


Free events

Many events at are free of charge for paying members - click on the events to find out more!

50% Discount

On all special events hosted at the Center, e.g. seminars or workshops, you will get a 50% discount on the ticket price. And for the concerts, you can bring a friend for free!

On top of this, you also get a 10% discount on all products from Lush Butik. They have amazing stuff for a more sustainable future, so go and check them out

Library of Things

At the Center, you can borrow a broad spectrum of tools, some household stuff, and leisure equipment for a whole week for free. Why buy if you can borrow?

You will have to leave your name and membership number plus contact information at the Center when you borrow something from the library. If it breaks or disappears you have to bring an equivalent replacement.

Event hosting

You can use the community living room - a 150sqm room with instruments, lounge area, presentation equipment and dining area plus fully equipped kitchen - for your own event! Only criteria: it somehow needs to support the development of a sustainable society, and if in doubt we ask the community to decide.  

Just a few more details on this one: If you charge a fee, you pay a share of 20% from the ticket sales/fee to the house. And the Changer membership does not include event hosting on weekends :) Find more details in the detailed membership description.

You have to notify about the amount of sold tickets / charged fees and will then receive an Invoice from us.

And: Changers can host one event per month, with an All In- or Family-membership you can host up to 4 events per month!

Work space

You can use our Open Office and community space to focus on your own projects - or any of ours. It is available during office hours (mo-fr, 09:00-17:00) for everyone who signs up a week in advance via our community calendar. It costs you 20,-/hour or 100,-/day. Coffee and tea included.

Meeting space

Same deal, only that it's 100,-/hour. The meeting room is a light office with a big desk that seats 6 - collaborate, brain storm, invite your partners in crime and get serious!

All Benefits are subject to change, modification, improvement or substitution - this is the BETA, and we count on your patience and understanding for that.