As a member of you join a community that works together for creating sustainability and meaningful lives. The core of our community is mutual inspiration, encouragement and respect – you are not alone!

You decide your membership price, starting from 100,- DKK a month. We all carry different weight in different areas. If you can afford more than our minimum fee, then consider contributing with a higher amount each month – that way we can keep the minimum membership low and our community accessible to everyone.


You will receive an activation email with more information immediately after you sign up. You can cancel, upgrade or change your membership anytime. Your membership will start on the day of your sign up. Curious where your money will go?

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Free events

Some events at are free of charge for paying members!

Access to exclusive events

We are hosting a few special events that are exclusively for our paying members, to nourish the community and encourage collaboration.

50% Discount

On all events hosted via, e.g. seminars, lectures or workshops, you will get a 50% discount on the ticket price. And for the concerts, you can bring a friend for free!

Library of Things

[NOTE: Our library of things is currently unavailable due to the Corona situation.]

At the Center, you can borrow a broad spectrum of tools, some household stuff, and leisure equipment for a whole week for free. Why buy if you can borrow?

You will have to leave your name and membership number plus contact information at the Center when you borrow something from the library. If it breaks or disappears you have to bring an equivalent replacement.

Event hosting

You can use our space to host your own event! Make that dream come true :-) Your event must support the development of a sustainable society. You can see the conditions for hosting an event on our 'Does your Event fit at' post.

Please be aware that we might reject an event proposal if it is in a category that is already well covered in our schedule. Thank you for your understanding.

Work space

[NOTE: Our work spaces are currently unavailable due to the Corona situation.]

You can use the public space as your daily workspace. Focus on your own projects – or collaborate on any of our internal projects.

Meeting space

[NOTE: Our meeting spaces are currently unavailable due to the Corona situation.]

We have a couple of meeting rooms/areas. Either oldschool with tables/chairs or more new paradigm with big couch that seats 10-15 people. Whiteboards and projector available. Collaborate, brain storm, invite your partners in crime and get serious!


Last but surely not least – through your membership you will be supporting the organisation. Your membership fee will help cover our fixed running costs, and allow us to engage in even more exciting projects in the future.

All Benefits are subject to change, modification, improvement or substitution – we count on your understanding for our contiouous efforts to improve our offerings.