Hey Changers!

Time for some insider information on how things are going at think.dk! Ready? Here you go:

Our 3rd Anniversary is coming up!

There were some times during the last year where we were not sure if we'd make it, so that's some extra motivation to party! This year we handpicked three activities from our amazing members community that have been around for quite a while (two of them actually for almost three years, yay!), and invited the hosts to share their skills with you. All of them with a huge potential to accelerate change!

New roommates ftw!

In case you haven't been around this month: things are a-changing! Well... they're doing that all the time here at the Center, but this particular change does, for once, not concern the event space: we moved offices!

From now on, Rosa, Susanne and me are residing in the former lounge room, running think.dk. This way, we could make space for our friends from GreenSpeak, who we since Monday can proudly call our roommates :)

We love to share lunch with them, have inspiring talks about society and how to change it for the better, and have the space being so alive during daytimes. You're always welcome to drop in for a cup of coffee and see for yourself <3

Raising awareness all the way to Japan!

As you might know, we offer tours and workshops for students, progressive companies and basically anyone who is interested in looking behind the scenes of our Center and learning from our way of doing things. 

We are particularly proud to have welcomed a delegation of Japanese business men this month, to talk about the potential of empowerment, a holistic approach to sustainability and how our perspective can be relevant for them to develop a 12-year-plan in collaboration with the Government to tackle social challenges in Japan. 

We love to share our knowledge and raise awareness in open table talks like this one, so if you or someone you know might be interested in a focus discussion with me and Martin about those or other related topics drop me a line!

And now: enjoy your weekend!

I hope you're coping well with the transition of seasons out there and always remember: the colder and darker it gets out there, the cozier it is to hang out in our space - check our event calendar for inspiration ;)

Much love,