Dear {USER_ID},

the last events of 2019 have been hosted - since today we're officially on winter break. The team is taking things a bit more slow for the next three weeks, but don't make the mistake to think it's all quiet at the Center! Here's what's happening behind the scenes:

On the 27.11. we got notice that our second application for support from the local committee was partially successful - this is a reason to celebrate and we're super glad about their decision! :)

As before we had hoped to get support for all event series, but this time the committee decided to only grant support for the 'Mind blowing Motion Pictures', Repair cafes and 'Talks for Transformation'.

As a consequence of this, i decided to put the concerts on hold for now since i don't want to have more amazing musicians play without getting a proper pay for their art. We also won't realize the community dinner for people living in the area. But we did decide to keep hosting the Friday Bar, since it is our impression that the social events are highly appreciated by you as a chance to connect with other change-makers.

We are grateful to the Lokaludvalg for granting us another round of support and hope to see many of you for the upcoming documentary screenings, talks and repair cafes!

Our friends from Greenspeak, the only charitable phone company in the whole country (and maybe even the world!?), have opened the polls for the Christmas voting on who should get a share of their 300.000kr profit to be donated in this round. We're proud to call us one of their support projects, so if you're a client we'd love to get your vote :) Each one has an impact on the donation we will receive after Christmas, and i personally think you should be a client in any case!

So, if you're interested in making the world a better place just by having the right phone provider (with also good prices ;) you can shift over to them NOW and still cast your vote before Christmas. A million thanks in advance, from me, Greenspeak and the world ;)

And finally, i wanted to wish you a very merry restmas. What that is you're asking?

These days most of us are falling into an endless tirade of running around shopping, preparing, packing, planning. Be it out of habit, or perceived expectations, or any other reason – but most probably it's not motivated by an inherent desire to be stressed ;) 

So, #restmas is all about doing exactly the opposite: Rest. Take breaks. Go to bed early and sleep long. Squeeze in a break whenever you can, even if it's only 3 minutes on the couch with your eyes closed. Spend quality time with your loved ones - NOW, and every day until next year. Not only on the evening of the 24th. You'll see it'll be much easier to stick to it after new years if you manage to be mindful about it these days.

Enjoy the holidays, and hope to see you on the other side!

Much love,