After careful consideration and discussions with the board as well as our members, we decided to cancel all events at our Center until and including the 31.3.

We therewith follow the recommendation of the government to avoid public gatherings in order to help controlling the infection rate of COVID-19.

We know of one person who has been at this week that is now showing symptoms - so please, if you've been around since the 9.3.2020, show extra consideration in terms of meeting other people. Stay away from people as much as possible, and especially from anyone in the risk group: people above 55, sick people, people with a weak immune system.

The person has not been tested (since only people with life-threatening symptoms are tested by now) so we don't know for sure if it's COVID-19, but it's always good to be careful.

We will keep you updated on our April schedule as soon as there are new developments.

What now?

Personally, I believe this is a great chance for us to stop for a moment and reflect.

Feeling how everyone and everything is slowing down might finally wake us up to realize how absurd it is to keep running all. the. time. It is so quiet outside - did you listen?

This is a beautiful chance to come to our senses, so let's use it! Here's some inspiration:

  • Offer your help to those in need: many people can't (or shouldn't!) go shopping anymore, or are in urgent need of babysitting to be able to do their jobs.
  • Rest! Meditate, treat yourself well, read all those books you stacked up during the past months or even years. If you're out of books, reach out to your friends (since, yes, the libraries are closed as well).
  • Reflect about your future: What to you want? Where do you want to go in your life? Is it time to start walking in a different direction? Maybe make a vision board collage out of those old magazines!
  • Call your grandparents! Ask what they need, fear, regret, treasure.
  • Learn something: there's endless free online courses, youtube channels, blogs on every topic you can imagine. Educate yourself on things you've always been curious about.
  • Catch up with your friends near and far. Friendships weirdly ended up becoming a luxury recently - it shouldn't be. Fresh up your contacts. It's 2020! You can be close(r) to people without physical contact. Video calls, hangouts, skype, so many options..and they're free. Use them!
  • Go through all of your stuff. Sort out broken things and bring them to the recycling station. Pass on things you don't use/need anymore, for example through all the 'free your stuff' groups on facebook or resell them on dba. Fix up precious things that need a loving hand. Make your home your castle.
  • Smile! It helps :)

This shutdown can be a wonderful experience for the majority of us if we choose to - because it's not our lives that are shut down, it's the machine that keeps us from living it.

Reach out if you're inspired as well and want to seize the opportunity to kick off a project that might help those in need. Now is the time! We are in the process of creating a page collecting information and inspiration about this situation, and will share it with you as soon as possible.

Take care of yourself and those around you.

Much love,

Anja and the team