Hey Changers!

The new month has started already, and we owe you the overview on how you can get involved in accelerating change during the next 4 weeks - so here you go:

  • Our Education Workgroup is taking up pace fast - on the 7th we’re hosting the next meeting of the Sudbury School Initiative and we’re taking things to the next level just a week later!
  • On the 14th, we’re organizing a big workshop on alternative education with various speakers presenting different approaches - if you think there’s room for improvement in the current system you should definitely join this one. It’s free and open for everyone!
  • Jumping a little bit back: the 11th of October is the starting point for a brand new and exciting project: developing an alternative childcare for freelancers here at the Center! Please spread the word if you know anyone who could be interested :)
  • This months’ Concert with a Soul is gonna be beyond beautiful: The Bay Collective will exclusively present their first album on the 12th! We’re super proud and warmly invite you to get carried to a different sphere with their beautiful Piano and Vocal sound. Get your ticket via Biletto now!
  • And we are super happy that one of our members, Tamás, will host the next Talk for Transformation: ‘How I found myself through traveling the world’. He will bring pictures and videos with him so this is a great alternative to soothing your Wanderlust if you didn’t get to book plane tickets yet to escape the dark season.
  • Why the Beavan Family stopped flying will be shown in the October movie: ‘No Impact Man’ is documenting the attempt of minimizing the environmental impact of a whole family to zero. Entertaining and inspiring, what else could we wish for!

As usual, we’ll also help to repair your bike, change the rules of society, REthink and welcome you every Monday for Yoga and every Tuesday for whatever you have in mind :) We’re looking forward to having you around!

Insistently hopeful,