Sorry to disturb your bliss, but the future needs you. Now.

On the 1.4.2019, we have to pay the rent for our space for the next three months. And we are completely out of money. If we can't pay, we'll likely have to close, and that would be the end of this unique space where we as neighbours can address the transition to sustainability from a broad spectrum of perspectives.

So please help us to find the 76.000,- DKK we need.

Bank account: 8411 4145172
MobilePay to 127888

Donations can be made directly to our bank account in Fælleskassen or via MobilePay. Feel free to add a comment to your donation, so our accountant does not have to make wild guesses ;-)

Donating to is a donation for change. By supporting our community, you will help accelerate the change our world so urgently need. We will keep the space and our projects going and continue to transform old habits to sustainable, conscious living in the process.

If you're curious, read more info on the current circumstances of our initiative and have a look at our finances.

Whether you can spare a dime or a bag of money doesn't matter – what matters is how you choose to spend it.

We have chosen to venture out on a long journey to save the world. For the past three years we have personally invested all our time and money in accelerating change – and we've built an amazing community of inspiring first-movers and change-makers and a beautiful space that empowers people to live and act more sustainably. But right now we need YOUR help!

Other ways of supporting

You can also take a look at our wishlist for specific needs, or our memberships if you want to contribute regularly with a smaller amount.

For more information about investments, please contact us directly on or by calling +45 2074 2819.

What do you get?

By supporting you enable our engaged community to continue to grow and develop more sustainable projects, events and new models for creative collaboration. These are the tools we need to replace the old and worn out structures of society, that is keeping us stuck in the rat wheel of over-consumption.

Read more about what's in it for you!

Financial supporters of will be promoted on our website in the near future. If you want to keep your contribution anonymous, please send us an email alongside your donation and we'll make sure to not include you on the list.