In extension of’s vision ( we have developed a manifest for partners in the Sustainability Culture center (BIBy). The purpose of role as a primary partner and tenant in BIBy is to accelerate sustainable change in society and we will, among other things, do that by showcasing concrete examples of initiatives, working in significantly different and sustainable ways.

It is a goal to collect initiatives, which together covers a large part of society’s needs in new and regenerative sustainable ways. We want different initiatives with the least possible overlap to gain experience with and develop methods for a general sustainable transition, functioning across industries, sectors and product categories.

It is not about what we could do yesterday, but about what we can do today and how we can contribute even more tomorrow.

All permanent tenants under the roof of BIBy must agree to the following statements:

We have a holistic approach to sustainability and understand that financial sustainability cannot be a goal in itself – and we agree that sharing and collaboration is more important than profit and competition.

We want to create sustainable jobs that serve both employer and employee and society as a whole.

We are choosing new paths to achieve our goal and we find sustainable, holistic solutions to the challenges we face along the day – and we know that the old habits and patterns might seem easier but also leads to the same old results. Therefore we understand the value of investing time and resources in developing new methods, which can lead to new outcomes.

We orientate by what we can do for the world, not what it can do for us. Our activities therefore serve society to a higher degree than they serve us.

We understand that this is how we can create a better, sustainable future.