Many of our members have started inspiring initiatives that support our Vision of a world that is

  • in balance, where resource regeneration matches our consumption.
  • where peace thrives and we as individuals have time to find our own meaning in life.
  • where sharing, collaboration and creativity define our organisations and diversity is cherished as enrichment.
  • where sustainable living is the norm and we all understand our collective and individual responsibility for keeping it that way.

In the new paradigm, competition is replaced by collaboration. We're all in this together.

This post gives you an idea of what our members are currently working on - so reaching out is just a click away!

Anelia Mitova

Authentic Element is a qualified physical and emotional health practitioner of various techniques, which aim to bring the mind, body and heart into alignment and therefore feel empowered to make choices which resonate with your authentic truth.

Leo de Melo

Discover how you can cultivate your vital energy and powerfully live out your purpose, starting with simple food and lifestyle adjustments.

Mads Damgaard

The 10.000 Change Makers Community is a space dedicated to helping people create meaningful careers – If you've lately been feeling frustrated by what you wake up to in the morning and considering if you could be using more of your potential doing something different, then this is the place where you can find tons of free tips, strategies and resources to help you build exactly the dream career you want to have.

We'll expand this list with time, so keep checking in :)