Yes, we have landed and we are slowly settling in Kulturhus Indre By – it starts looking a bit like something we know. It is super awesome, amazing and chaotic at the same time. Being here every day keeps revealing new possibilities – and hints at potential challenges. This is an area of uncertainty, that I believe navigates well – although we have less concrete plans to show off by now than we would like.

We are still "negotiating" with the Municipality about the exact conditions for our future collaboration, and thus not entirely able to run as fast as we please. Meanwhile we are planning the first brainstorming meetings for all of you to join in, to be as prepared as possible, for when the formalities fall into place. Also the very first Community dinner is in the oven – we will send out invites soon. Keep an eye on our website and/or social media channels for more updates :-)

For now I want to extend an open invitation to everyone – come by and say hi. Come by and check out the new place – and see for yourself why we are so excited.

See you soon,