Hey Changers,

We hope you're taking care of yourself during these wet, dark and windy days. It's a time of transition for many of us, and i personally recommend drinking lots of (herbal!) tea and cozying up with some blankets and your loved ones as much as possible to stay centered and not loose focus on what's important.

Updates on the core team 

At our Center, it's been quite stormy times as well and i want to update you on a few changes related to the core team running this place.

At the beginning of the new season, Rosa decided to step down as a director and is now mainly involved in administrating and managing the member-events at think.dk on a volunteer base. So if you're involved in this part of think.dk, please have some patience with any requests - we are very grateful that she decided to stay involved with this, and encourage her (as everyone else!) to not get stressed about things. It's unhealthy ;) 

At the same time, I (Anja) have to prioritize finding a paid position (hit me up if you hear something!) so i am downscaling my work hours considerably as well. I still care about this community as if it was my family, so i am doing my best to keep the wheel running. However, it might take a bit longer to respond, and you might see me around the Center less than before.

This means that Martin is stepping up his involvement into daily operations considerably, and I hope you will show him as much gratitude and acknowledgement for it as you did with me <3

A new exciting project!

One of the first things Martin decided to manifest is his idea on an alternative coming-of-age Confirmation course. In case you're not familiar with this danish tradition: around the age of 13, kids here usually sign up for a months-long course at the church to learn about all kinds of church-stuff. Those parents who don't identify with (or are even critical towards) the church, sometimes decide to just throw a 'Nonfirmation' party instead. In any case, this tradition is meant to mark the transition from childhood to adulthood, and we figured it's about time to offer a meaningful alternative to this often outdated tradition.

The working title is 'Coolfirmation', and the idea is to teach the kids 21st century skills, awareness, and all kinds of other things young teenagers should, but don't, learn in school. 

Here's my two favorite (preliminary!) topic ideas i wanted to share to give you an idea what it'll be about:

  • Was Jesus against sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll or did he enjoy it himself?
  • What is the difference between creating and consuming - and what does it mean for my life?
  • Stress/expectation/daily life coping skills
  • Relationships, emotions and response patterns

I think that sounds pretty amazing :) We'd love you to spread the word and please get in touch with Martin if you're interested to learn more!

Kulturpris nomination

And finally, it's time again for the Østerbro Cultural Prize! In case you haven't been around last year: we've been nominated in 2019 as one out of 5 cultural actors in Østerbro to receive a price for our cultural contribution to the area (which comes with 30.000 DKK!) and we were SO proud to be considered in the selection. 

And now, go take care of yourself!

Give yourself some treats and don't forget to hug.

Much love,