Hey Changers!

It’s the silly season but not the stupid season, so come to one of our world-changing events before you crack open the Snaps and crackle the pork! Your soul will love you for it. This year has been a big one for us (thanks to you!), and December is looking pretty awesome too. Check it out.

Christmas is near! #spoileralert

We have a little surprise for you this year, here’s a clue: It sounds like “Vegetarian Chris missed Dinner” and it’s for you! Read below for more details, and also take note of our hours of the Christmas break: we will be closed from Friday 15.12, open again on Monday 15.1.2018.


  • Live your Legend: Come by if you’re looking to identify, find or create the job of your dreams. It’s free and everyone’s welcome!
  • Baby Massage: Baby massage brings huge benefits to your little one - and the world! This course is guided by Ylenia, who believes in the importance of the nurturing touch and how this can be the base for loving future generations. All strokes are repeated in each session so you can still join!
  • Concert with a soul: Stephan Nance: Ever heard about poetic piano rock? It sounds awesome! Our December concert might be the most special of the year, and we can't wait to share it with you :)
  • Creating the School of the Future - kick-off!: The education workgroup is taking action - and YOU should get involved! Join us in creating a credible alternative to the current system, if you think there is room for improvement :)
  • Vegetarian Christmas dinner: Co-create with us an unforgettable evening of Christmas fun and togetherness by sharing your vegetarian Christmas dinner recipes, presenting you hidden talents and playing fun Christmas games - we'd love you to join!
  • Money for change - embrace your financial power: In 10 exciting and insightful sessions of money coaching, family constellation, and mindset work you get the chance to transform your challenges with money into financial security and well-being, for everyone’s good. You can join all of them or just drop-in for a single one!
  • Changing the Rules of Society: Join us for an inspiring talk about how we are going to change the world. This event will give you a quick introduction to the Stopknappen framework and ideology, followed by an open table discussion.
  • Baby Massage V: Baby massage brings huge benefits to your little one - and the world! This is the last class of this course - next one starts on the 17.01.2018 (just in case you were looking for an awesome christmas present ;)

Don’t forget, every Tuesday is open to all

There are two more Open Tuesdays in December before the year ends. It’s your last chance to work from think.dk for free and get inspired to create a better world!

Insistently hopeful,