Hey Changers!

The September events are online on all platforms now, so go ahead and have a look! Here are some of the upcoming highlights handpicked for you:

  • The Education Work Group: The Copenhagen Sudbury School Initiative has their next meeting at think.dk on Saturday - Join the discussion on alternative education systems!
  • Empathic Communication Workshop: On Wednesday the 6th of September, you'll get the chance to participate in a free workshop on non-violent communication, where we learn how to focus on empathic listening for what the other is feeling and needing, before offering helpful advice, evaluations, judgments or analysis.
  • Live your Legend: Right after our Open Yoga Session on the 11th, we’re hosting the monthly LyL meetUp starting at 6 pm - come and find out how to create your own success doing something out of passion! This month’s focus is on ‘Finding Your Voice’.
  • Talk for Transformation: On the 14th of September, we invite all of you to listen to the story of OneBowl. Their dream is that everyone can come and share the value of good and nourishing food, no matter one's circumstances.
  • The Stop-Button: On the 23rd we again dedicate an evening to our holistic framework on Changing the Rules of Society. We are practically planning the big revolution, and we need your help!
  • Movie Screening: The Salt of the Earth: For this month’s movie screening you are invited to watch a powerful documentary that sends out a message of how through mindful actions, everyone has the capacity of making a difference in this world. The story is told by following the life & work of the famous photographer Sebastiao Salgado.
  • Celebrate one year of Accelerating Change! On the 23rd we’re preparing a big celebration that means a lot to us. It represents ONE year of making change happen in the world. We want you to be a part of it! We have some very inspiring talks and workshops for you spread out throughout the day. If you are a first timer at think.dk, this day is just great for getting a taste of what we are all about.
  • Concert with a soul: Martin Binder: We're happy to announce that we will host a very special kind of musician this September! Martin Binder is an impressive singer-songwriter with a unique voice, and you’ll never get as close to him as in our community living room.
  • REthink: On the 24th we’re hosting the community hangout for all members of think.dk! You are invited to share a cozy pot luck dinner with us and join the discussion on how we can support the change we want to see in this world!

We are looking forward to seeing you around and witnessing you to become part of the great community developing at think.dk!

The absolute warmest of regards,