It's our first birthday - come and celebrate with us! That we're still here, that change can happen if we want it to, and that there is a future for all of us to believe in.

The last year has been a tough ride, but definitely a worthy one! We are grateful for the community that developed at, so now we want to give something back - and show all those curious souls out there how each of us can make a difference!

Here's how we want to celebrate with you:

  • We start the day with a beautiful Hatha/Yin Yoga Session with Sofia from We are Nature at 11:30 - we have mats and blankets so just wear something cozy if you want to join :)
  • After that, we'd love to have Lunch with you - inspired by One Bowl it is served on a pay-as-you-feel-basis, and it will also be vegan (but nonetheless super tasty!) and organic
  • During the day, you'll get the chance to participate in The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment
  • We will show a series of Mind Blowing Short Movies
  • You can get involved in 3D printing
  • We will host a mini Art Exhibition with the works from Majamaùna
  • You can find out about your own Ecological Footprint
  • Plus of course you'll meet our community and get loads of inspiration on how each of us can make a difference in making this world a better place!
  • In the evening, you'll get to join one of our famous living room concerts, and we're super excited and happy to announce that RO-E will come back to share her long-anticipated electronica set with us!
  • After that, we close the evening with the Revolution Bar, where you can share thoughts and get new input on How to Change the Rules of Society with like-minded people.

We're super excited and very much looking forward to spending this day with the beautiful community that is developing at! You are welcome to drop in any time - and if you have never been at the Center before, this is your chance to get to know us!