Hey Changers,

we made it! This is our first newsletter, so first and most important: we’re SO happy that you joined the think.dk community. You belong to our very first subscribers, and you are the reason why we are super motivated to pull through with our concept, so here’s a big THANK YOU! It is a huge relief to finally be confirmed in that we’re not alone with our desire to change the world for the better.

Our Grand Opening on the 24th of September was a wonderful event - we got to meet many new faces and felt extremely energized from all the good vibes you brought in! If you missed it and want to get an impression, have a look at the pictures.

In case you didn’t get to come by and meet us in person yet, we very much hope that you find the time to do so in the near future - tonight we’re hosting the first THE CHANGER Hangout in Denmark, on Wednesday we have a Meetup on Changing the society, every Thursday at 17:30 Rebelle Yoga is here and the next ParentNode developer session takes place on the 19th. Check out all our events for October!

One organisational topic: some of you did not yet click the confirmation link in the email they received from us after they signed up - if you need a new one, and also if you have any other questions, ideas or feedback please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Last but not least, and in case you’re one of the Curious Cats on board: please have a short look at our memberships - we made some edits to the features and also changed the explanations so it’s easier to grasp what you get for your money. We want the Center to be accessible for anyone, so memberships start at only 59,- DKK. Be curious!

Insistently hopeful,


P.s.: from today on, we’re also on twitter and Instagram - follow us, and spread the word! Our home base is think.dk, but you also find us on facebook and Meetup - we’re happy about every new fan!