1. Login to your account on think.dk (top right corner of the screen)

2. Once logged in press on ‘janitor’ in the top right corner

3. Scroll to the left and a menu will pop-up. Go to the ‘CONTENT’ menu and in that menu click on ‘EVENTS (EVENT ADMIN)

4. On the top left, click on the green button ‘New event’

  • Put in the 'Title of the Event’
  • In the new screen, on the bottom you then put in the date and time of the event
  • Add the host in the ‘Event Owner’ field and the two backers in the ‘Backers’ field
  • For multiple events (event series) you go to the right corner and press ‘duplicate’ twice (to confirm) and then once you are in the duplicated event you erase ‘duplicate’ in the title and put in the next date of the event.
  • Notify the Event Host and Backers through e-mail that the event is now ready to have the content filled in and the guideline to show them how to do this.