Are you an experienced fundraiser? Do you want to make a difference and be part of a community that is working towards a sustainable society? Then this might be the position for you!

We’re looking for someone who can focus solely on fundraising for

Ideally you:

  • have experience with writing funding applications
  • have a knowledge of funds that are suitable for a Social-Economic non-profit company to apply for
  • are able to read and write in Danish
  • have 5+ hours to volunteer/week

You would be responsible for finding and writing funding applications on behalf of, while coordinating with others from the team.

Having someone responsible for fundraising would be a huge help for us to keep this place alive. We are currently struggling to pay the bills, but are determined to keep this project going, so we really hope we can find someone up for the task!

The benefits of being a volunteer:

  • Good Karma
  • Free access to many of our events
  • Being a part of making a change towards a more sustainable and better world
  • Meeting others that are passionate about creating positive change
  • Getting experience and CV recommendations on work well done
  • Opportunities to try out new ideas and have influence in a growing non-profit, social-economic company
  • And you get to be part of our amazing growing community

If you’re interested or happen to know someone who might be interested, then please get in touch with us by writing to subject: Fundraising Volunteer