Humanitrack is the first common online space for organizing our collective challenges, goals and dreams, where users funnel the global amounts of information, news and ideas down into more manageable tech and innovation driven quests. The communities around these quests will make sense of this data, finding the signals in the noise. The quest hubs for these communities will in turn provide new users and experts alike a quick way to get up to speed, see progress and define the next hurdles while creating actionable tasks from the new ideas, perspectives, and growing network. 

This process is a new way to push progress and innovation on a global collective scale and get humanity and our planet back on track to a better future.

The Event

Come and join Humanitrack founder and CEO Maxwell Hartman as he shares his world advancing vision and gives you a chance to experience the possibilities of the Humanitrack platform and community. 

You'll have a chance to co-create and launch a quest on with the rest of the participants. You'll walk away with knowledge of the useful process we use in Humanitrack of backcasting from our vision to our present status and defining the steps and hurdles needed to be overcome along the way forward. 

The time for simply thinking and talking about humanity's problems and goals has run out. With Humanitrack there is finally a way for everyone, including you, to take action for accelerating progress on them.


19:00-19:10 - Welcome and get settled

19:10-19:20 - Presentation on Humanitrack

19:20-19:30 - Questions

19:30-19:40 - Walkthrough the website


19:50-20:20 - Interactive co-creation session, where a new quest will be created through input from the audience. 

Registration and Details

There is no need to sign up in advance, just drop in and pay at the door. All income generated will be used to maintain our Center - no profits being made!

Price: 40,- DKK, free for members

Want to become a part of the changer community, support our cause and get free/discounted access to the awesome events we're hosting? Then sign up here – a Changer membership is just 100,- DKK per month, and if its not for you then the membership can be stopped after each month ;)