We're in this very peculiar situation. The Corona lock down. Interesting times, in my words.

Something of a mixed feeling. Oh, maybe a break – ah, then maybe not. Naah.

I'm working from home – with kids all over the place. Not an easy task to do. If I stop working, it looks like I'd have to shut down my businesses – or severely increase my debt. Because my businesses are heavily based on ideals and structured to make the impossible possible, we will have a very hard time getting any help from the current Corona aid plans. They have been designed for the old-school businesses. Sigh. As if those are the ones we need to save.

Anyways, I have two boys – Elo is 3 and Romeo is 13. They have pretty much been stuck at home for the last couple of weeks. With their dad working. Not an easy task to do for young boys. But they are doing so good.

And so this is meant as a shout out to my boys. For being so good. For being so patient and helpful. For bearing with me while I try to add nuances to the whole situation – because that is one of my jobs. And I really have done a lot of thinking and writing during these days – and it has only been possible because they helped me out.

So if you are in a similar situation, remember to appreciate the kids – and the sacrifices they have to endure during this trial.

Romeo and Elo – I love you guys. You are the best boys a man could hope for.