Hey Changers!

There are some exciting news in the pipeline, but you’ll have to wait a tiny little bit longer for that - for now we just wanted to make sure that you don’t miss the second part of April highlights:

  • For this month’s movie screening we decided to show “Winter on Fire” a documentary on the student protests in Ukraine two years ago that led to the resignation of the President - a powerful story on how the people can make change happen if they just raise their voices.
  • Spring is here, so we decided to host a workshop on growing your own food on the 22nd! You will learn how, when and why you should plant your own veggies and you will bring home your own mini green house to get the growing started. Please make sure to register if you want to join so we can prepare well - send us a mail to start@think.dk.
  • April’s highlight is the start of our new series “talks for transformation” and we are super happy to announce that we could convince Uwe Lübbermann from the Premium Collective to come and give a talk on hacking economy! After the talk you will have the chance to join a workshop on consent democracy and both is free to join for anyone. Uwe has a lot to say about how we can change this world for a better, and we want to share it with as many people as possible so make sure to bring some friends!
  • And last but not least, our herbal fairy Bea will host a workshop on “herbal medicine for seasonal and food allergies” on the 30th of April. So if the arrival of spring makes your nose running, or if you have problems with food allergies join us and learn how to use the power of herbs to your advance.

On top of this we of course host the regular events (the bike workshop, open yoga, sound sessions, openDev tuesdays). We are very proud on this month’s schedule - if you have any feedback to share with us please don’t hesitate to write.

We wish you beautiful easter holidays and hope to see you at the Center soon.

Insistently hopeful,