We're excited to announce that we introduced a new way of organizing events at think.dk: from now on, the event schedule will be planned and filled by an event group!

The group is made up by members of think.dk who are willing to further collaboration and give an extra hand to those who want to host events at our Center. You can read more about the group here.

So, in the future, if you are interested in hosting an event at think.dk, instead of writing to Rosa or Anja and hoping for a fast reply, instead you write to events@think.dk and the event group will assist you in making it happen.

At the same time, we have decided that anyone who would like to host events at think.dk will need to have at least two 'Backers'. Backers are members who support someone's event idea, are willing to help review the event description and willing to help with executing the event if needed. You can call for backers in the Slack channel #events which we set up for this purpose, or at the event coordination meetings who are taking place on a monthly basis.

We’ve decided to use this strategy in order to:

  • enhance co-creation, collaboration, idea sharing and strengthen our community
  • ensure well written event descriptions
  • give hosts support for their events
  • give members more influence and involvement with the events taking place at think.dk

We're very excited about these new developments as we feel they are much more in line with think.dk's vision, mission, values and strategy!

Please drop us a line if any questions about this new process come up. We look forward to accelerating change with you!