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  • Shoutout in a Time of Crisis

      • think.dk

    We cannot risk our safety, just because it is too expensive. It doesn't have to be. There are solutions outside the regular box.

  • En Bæredygtig Økonomisk [Corona] Hjælpepakke

      • think.dk

    Måske bliver vi ikke syge af Corona, men vi ender sandsynligvis i et sygt og forgældet samfund hvis vi ikke ændrer vores hjælpepakke strategi.

  • A Sustainable Financial [Corona] Aid Plan

      • think.dk

    We might not get sick from Corona, but we are likely to end up a sick and indebted society if we do not change our current aid plan.

  • While we are waiting for the elephant in the room

      • think.dk

    The Corona lock down and what the politicians aren't taking about. And why we would be better off if we did.

  • Reality check, one-two, one-two.

      • think.dk

    this is meant as a shout out to my boys. For being so good. For being so patient and helpful. For bearing with me while I try to work.