grew from the desire of two pretty ordinary people to do something meaningful. We simply watched too many people around us running through their life to make ends meet, and missing the whole point of it on the way. We wanted something different. This is what came out of it.

Our Purpose

Why exists

Our reason for being is to challenge the norm.

To create a sustainable community of changemakers and creators.

To develop, test and document altruistic, holistic and sustainable projects, business models, collaboration patterns and society models with limited or no consideration for the financial paradigm.

To prove the propositions of the StopButton through projects and experiments, while facilitating the onwards development, maturation and refinement of the ideas.

To care, even when it is hardest.

Our Vision

What aspires to achieve

We dream about a world in balance,
where resource regeneration matches our consumption.

Where peace thrives and we as individuals have time to find our own meaning in life.

Where sharing, collaboration and creativity define our organisations and diversity is cherished as enrichment.

Where sustainable living is the norm and we all understand our collective and individual responsibility for keeping it that way.

Our current Mission

What believes in

Our hypothesis is that everyone has the potential to make a difference and help create tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.

By offering an explorative space, oriented around sustainability, connection, sharing and education, collaboration, curiosity and creativity, we can nurture, support and unfold this potential and transform good intentions into sustainable action.

By unfolding and orchestrating this positive human potential, we can create and be(come) the solution(s) this world needs.

Our current Strategy

How serves its mission

Our plan is to develop and run, one or more, change-oriented, curiosity-driven centers with a focus on collaboration, creativity and holistic sustainability (social, environmental, cultural and economic).

To offer a balanced and widespread selection of events, ensuring an accessible entry point for anyone, while also preventing stereotyping and old paradigm categorisation.

To establish practical projects and workgroups, both internally and in collaboration with other initiatives that share our ideals.

To offer counseling, education and knowledge sharing, that supports and promotes more sustainable living.

To grow a community and network of open-minded people, where diversity is a source of strength and inspiration.

To share our experiences, learnings and processes with the world.

Our Values

What we stand for and how we (strive to) behave – our ethics.

Sharing and Collaboration
Knowledge and awareness is key to change and when we share our experiences, knowledge and resources, we can get further with less effort.

Giving people the courage to act on their ideas and a space, resources and knowledge to make better and more conscious decisions, will accelerate change.

Being an alternative to the mainstream
Daring to stand out causes reflection and creates leeway for others, and that is essential in a time of leading transformation.

Communities can make a bigger impact than individuals – and we love to explore the potential that emerges when strangers meet.

We want people to fully understand what we are doing, and why. And we want to encourage and support other people to start more initiatives like – that’s why we share all our experiences, processes, activities and finances – honestly.

When we are truly open, then ideas can unfold more easily, creativity can be expressed more freely and curiosities can be explored more intensely – and that space is instrumental to discovering new approaches and solutions.

Everyone has the potential to create sustainable solutions – despite their financial or societal status. We are enriched with perspective by the diversity of inclusion, so our event pricing must ensure accessibility for low-income groups.