Are you interested in 3D printing and have a passion for sustainability? Do you want to be a part of a growing community of people who are trying to create a better world? Then this might be for you!

We have a lovely CraftBot 3D printer and not enough time to enjoy it. Do you want to play with it?

We’re looking for someone to be responsible for:

  • Taking charge of our 3D printer (setup, calibration, software)
  • Introducing our members to 3D printing
  • Helping or assisting with developing and printing 3D models for projects

What you don’t already know, you will learn along the way, however, a genuine interest in 3D printing and sustainability is required.

We want to make 3D printing available to all our members. We have a range of projects, that desire to include 3D printing and even some that depend on it – and you, as a volunteer at, should want to help them achieve that :-)

It would be really nice if you also desired to create manuals and publish them online for the benefit of everyone.

The benefits of being a volunteer:

  • Good Karma
  • Free access to many of our events
  • Being a part of making a change towards a more sustainable and better world
  • Meeting others that are passionate about creating positive change
  • Getting experience and CV recommendations on work well done
  • Opportunities to try out new ideas and have influence in a growing non-profit, social-economic company
  • And you get to be part of our amazing growing community

If you have 5+ hrs/week to dedicate to helping become more capable within 3D printing, then we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us by writing to subject: 3D printing Volunteer