A sustainable society covers all its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It's a noble ambition, and one we should be able to agree upon - however, especially in developed countries, we fail badly to achieve this ambition. Not because we can't, but because we either don't care or we simply don't know how. We are here to help you with the how

Every change which brings our society closer towards achieving sustainability is a sustainable change. Shifting from combustion engines to electric cars, from coalmines to windmills. Recycling ever more of our waste, using fewer pesticides, and producing more locally grown organic food. We are slowly becoming more sustainable – but not nearly fast enough. We need to accelerate the sustainable changes in society to ensure our allowed stay on this planet. Like this, acting responsibly is slowly becoming mainstream!

Sustainable alternatives are already available for every aspect of modern life. You make a difference. Eat local food. Buy less and buy sustainable products. Become part of the shareconomy. Stop buying what you don't need to own. Support local initiatives and shops. Become an activist. Start a local market. Stop giving your money to the change-reluctant old industry that profits from the status quo. Every cent you spend is a vote for the world you want to live in - the economy and the free markets can also be used to our advantage.

Maybe you have heard it all before and, admittedly, sometimes it's hard to integrate sustainability into our busy lifestyles. We are forced to compromise with so many things in our lives that, sometimes, even small changes seem unmanageable.

That is why think.dk offers an infrastructure that makes it easier for anyone to support the sustainable development.

Nothing is going to change, if we don't take action. Become part of the change - join us now!