Seasons are changing and so does our Center. To make our event schedule more manageable and also reflect how changes in co-creator involvement affect what we are doing, we decided to operate in seasons - starting in February 2019!

What does this mean?

From the 1.2.2019 onwards, we will plan our event schedule based on operating seasons.

The 'seasons' we defined for the Center are:

  • Spring: 01.02. - 15.06.
  • Autumn: 15.08. - 15.12.

The 'breaks' in between the seasons will be used for internal development, adjustments in the concept/strategy and evaluation of the past season.

This will allow us to run this Center more sustainably - it will give us time to catch up in administrative work, to include learnings from the past seasons and to catch breath and energy for kicking off new projects.

It will also allow us to include new co-creators more thoroughly, and enable our guests to anticipate upcoming events more long-term.

The main consequence for you as a co-creator is, that you will have planning security for your regular event for 5 months at a time. Together with you, we will decide before each season, what our regular schedule is (and keep a few slots for 'spontaneous' arrangements).

If new co-creators join us during the season, they will have the chance to really get to know us and the Center, and make sure they are aligned with our values and missions before they make a long-term commitment. 

It will also allow them to find the right team members in our community and develop their ideas together so we are all aligned before we include it in the next season's event calendar and/or project repertoire.

Please feel free to give us feedback on this new strategy, we'd love to hear what you're thinking about it :)

Insistently hopeful,