Have you ever thought of becoming an urban farmer? It has never been so easy to become one. 

Here is a little introduction about microgreens – one version of how the future of sustainable farming in the big cities can look like.

Very few people living in urban areas have access to any land that would allow then to grow their own vegetables. But things have just become much easier! You just need to find some space inside your house, apartment or room - even the balcony or just on a windowsill can be enough - and start growing microgreens! Microgreens are very nutritional little crops that are harvested while they are still young. They can have different textures, flavours, colours and are very desired among the fine dining chefs.

“Microgreens are tiny seedlings grown in soil, harvested in 2-3 weeks, and are packed with nutrients.“

On the 8th of April, a culinary farmer, sustainable food advocate as well as educator from Montreal Saba Nazarian hosted a workshop called “Macroprofits with microgreens” at Growthstack HQ, where he introduced how to start a business with minimal costs and using the simplest means. 

Participants had the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge concerning necessary supplies, types of seeds and soil, growing environment, planning, and many other tricks and tips. Also, everybody was provided with a starter kit that would allow them to plant some greens on their own - I attended the workshop for think.dk, and here is the growing process of my little seedlings:

During the Lunch break, Saba prepared an amazing salad mix from different kinds of microgreens, adding a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Easy, simple and very tasty. It is also an amazing and inspiring way to garnish all kinds of dishes.

It doesn’t matter if you want to start a microgreens business or just to grow it for your own consumption. Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider growing microgreens on your own:

  • It is super easy;
  • It is nutritional, healthy and tasty;
  • It is local produce – you know what kind of seeds you put and what kind of soil you use;
  • You can have freshly-cut greens every day;
  • It can be grown all year round;
  • It can grow vertically and therefore needs very little space;
  • It is exciting to watch them grow :)

You can join the microgreens growing community here in Copenhagen. You can find them on Facebook as CPH Foodtech Community. 

Let’s have a more diverse and nutritious diet by making our planet more sustainable!

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Written by Asta Slapikaite